16 December 2010

i think i know one of my prezzies...

i may be getting these for christmas.

only because this is the first time i've emailed uncle sugar without writing any words other than the ones in the subject line that went a little like I WANT THESE with the link attached. they're the only things i really want and i never really ask for anything, although uncle sugar might disagree with me on that point as he thinks i'm the most passive aggro girl he's ever known and that i ask for things without ever even asking.

i don't know what this means, but it probably has something to do with that sense of entitlement he thinks i keep in my back pocket.

also. while we're on the subject. he believes me to be the nicest meanest person he knows, so whatever. i will take the compliments, kind sir. keep 'em coming.

if he didn't gift them to me, i'd be fine with something else from that shop, too. with feathers. anything, really, with feathers. except for the charm bracelets. because i kind of feel like charms should be collected, and not all at once. like this:

but. this really wealthy guy i once knew? he was the husband of one of my old bosses. silly wealthy. his therapist advised him to get a hobby. collect something, even. so he started a swarovski miniature collection.

and. bought. them. all. at. once. THE ENTIRE COLLECTION! how funny is that?

where was i? oh, that's right. nowhere. man, i could do this all day. but you need to get back to your afternoon, don't you? ok, then. see you. xoxo. OH! and go see her entire tiffany collection. it's sweet.


la la Lovely said...

I like those very much.
And I think its really possible that I might be one of those nicest meanest people too.

Raleigh-Elizabeth said...

those feathers are just right.

Mrs.French said...

the entire collection! so jealous...when i was little, i remember looking into a display case of crystal, tiny animals and i fell in love...i kind of think i still am. oh and of course, i hope you got your feathers! xoxo t
i had to get this one...