07 December 2010

my little joslyn...

...is a year older today.

she was my very first imaginary friend who has since turned into a real life bestie. i'm sure she won't mind one bit if i told you one of my favorite things about her, which is her vocabulary.

she has been known to sprinkle our mails and phone convos with genius tidbits and word combinations, the likes of which your little ears and eyes can't even imagine. i don't dare to share them here. because i kiss my mother with this blog.

honestly? i just like everything about her, from her throaty laugh to how she adores her girlies two to her naughty sense of humor to the way she encourages my wicked tendencies.

happy birthday, friend. see you in january. xoxo.


wool and misc said...
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wool and misc said...

DUH, you're friend is gorg!

Joslyn said...

you made my day, month, year!
i do like me some salty language


Brandi said...

just lovely. i'm not sure what to do about my upcoming birthday yet. i hope someone celebrates it (it gets lost around the holidays). it's a big one, one divisible by 2 and 3 and 5, the first three prime numbers. i hope that makes me magic.

susan said so said...

your post about her, with this snap, was the first of you i ever read. you were my first blog crush, then and there.


Apt. #34 said...

meeting the two of you were one of my absolute top highlights of Alt! Please don't be a stranger lovely lady - i'll be by when i need a good belly laugh!