06 December 2010

hi, monday...

sometimes i like to give giant squeezes and growl let me get my mitts around you!

it's ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as my william hickey impression, which almost made uncle sugar spit out his dinner yesterday.

anyway. here's the thing. i've got a pretty conservative forever winter coat. it looks like this, only longer. i've never found good gloves to match both the coat and my personality.

until now. i just bought these.

i was worried about my fingertips, but @pourporter told me they're genius layered with elbow-length gloves. and i believe everything she tells me.

now i can get my mitts around you.

in other purchase news, i also bought my mary ruffle a calendar! it's way naughtier than the t.ruffle girls' calendar, which is still available with free shipping until the end of december!


Pour Porter said...

You know now that a coat with mittens picture post is required, right? :)

Simply Mel said...

one day I will find one of those 'forever' perfect winter coats...I'm still searching.

the gloves ~ well, let's just say they are DIVINE!

Relyn said...

LOVE that naughty calendar.