02 November 2010

a smidge about halloween...

i don't have much time. the girlies three are still home for some odd reason.

i'm sure other mothers know why school's been closed for the past two days, but you and i both know how details like that bore me to tears. i'm much more interested in knowing that they'll be able to go perfume shopping with me.

i need more tom ford.

when i was a little, i never trick or treated. of course you didn't, karey. you're probably saying right now. you grew up on a farm. and even though you were allergic to the outside, your parents still bought you a goat as a pet.

please. let's not go into the whole pack of dobermans eating heidi story. it's still too soon.

but my non trick or treating histoire has less to do with growing up in the middle of nowhere and way more to do with the fact that i was always sick.

of course you were always sick, karey. you're probably saying right now. you were surely surrounded by loads of people with moles. plus the ones that burrowed in your grandmother's garden.

please. let's not go into the whole finding out at the ripe old age of thirty that it was molds that prompted those weekly allergy shots. it's still too raw.

but i do enjoy how we know all these peccadilloes about each other, don't you?

anyway. my point is that uncle sugar really makes halloween special for our girlies three. that boy knows holidays.

he carves profesh pumpkins, finds two pumpkin seeds molded together in a heart-shape and gives it to me, hides behind corners and scares the bejesus out of all of us, goes on two-hour hikes through the woods and listens to all my chattering nonsense, and bakes and cooks up a total storm.

last night, just after he took the cookies from the oven and just before he turned them into ice-cream sammies, he said the nicest. thing. ever.

something about wanting tons of money so he could spend every day wandering through the woods with me, listening to all my chattering nonsense.

that's a very nice thing. ever.

in other snippets, i am all geeked up that my girlies still don't dress like hoochies for halloween. and i apologize for not throwing up beautiful design-ish photos on this post, but non-hooched girlies three are the most beautiful designs to me. i hope you had a really really excellent halloween! if you want to tell me any stories about yours, i'd smile to read them! xoxo.


k a t y said...

amen for non-hooched-out girls! I was pleased this season that my oldest wanted to be a princess. I thought she was too old for such things. So for both of us: we've done something right.

karey m. said...

katy! yes! a big pat on the back to you. next year? bloody chainsaw princess! xo

Mary said...

That is a very sweet something he said to you. I don't have girls, and when I see the hoochie ones, I am thankful. But then I see yours and remember how awesome they can be. I have boys, and they made pretty darling cowboys.

beth said...

wait....are your hubby and my hubby brothers separated at birth ?

well....the walking in the woods part without question...identical...but mine hates halloween with a passion.....so probably not.

Shannon said...

Love that your girls were ghoulishly gorgeous!(well the big girls, Miss E was sporting the perfect amount of pink cuteness) My little gal was Wonder Woman, she loved it, and I think the cape blowing in the wind and the excessive amount of m&m's had everything to do with it, but she was a cutie! :)

JAMIE said...

Oh, my word! They are too cute!

Joslyn said...

there's nothing better, cooler, smarter than an a girl in a non-hoochie costume.

amen sister.

and yes, that uncle sugar. love.

Em said...

Ugh. So sick of "slut-o-ween"! Well done with your girls. I'm usually a read-no-comment kind of girl but after reading this I thought about how my 4-year old boy is ALWAYS sick and that somehow this might pertain to allergies. Should I get him tested? How often would you say you were sick as a child? Let me know because I'm going crazy with this kid's snotty nose!

Callie Grayson said...

sweetness all three, girlies!

Simply Mel said...

your girlies are beyond fabulous, but of course, you already know this!

And Uncle Sugar ~ swoon.

mommaginger said...

Trick or treating with my 22 month old was a super new experience...he was in a skeleton costume, and we got him to say "trick or treat" at the first one, and he thought the bag of candy was cool, and then he was kind of surprised it worked again the second time, and as we're running (because you HAVE to run to and away from each house) away from the second house, I see him look at the other kids who are running, look down at his growing bag of candy, and see this look on his face that's like "I don't know what's happening but THIS IS AWESOME! Glad your Halloween was great like mine!

la la Lovely said...

You're girlies are the cutest.. and Im glad you didn't have to encounter any hoochieness. Maybe I sound like a grandma but there is just too much of it these days. My 7 year old said she wanted to be a model? I didn't even know she knew what a model was. But that was a quick no and there is no such thing as a costume for that, I told her. So at the last minute she went with a "funky" fairy because we've done fairy like a million times but that was fine with me. I'll take fairy any day for a 7 year old.
And oh my .... those are probably the greatest words ever. you are one lucky lady. xo