25 October 2010

i'm sorry i've been ignoring you. i've been spending more time with people i could pat on a shoulder or kiss or just brush away a stray sushi bit, if i so desired.

no offense to all my imaginary friends out there, but you and i? we can't really move forward in our relationship until we can pat each other on the shoulder at whim.

we should work on this.

i snuck out for sushi the other night with one of my favorites, and we spent the evening laughing our heads away. just the thought of her makes me want to grab you by the shoulders and look you smack in your sweet browns or clear blues or gorgeous greens and tell you to make sure you have good girlfriends who are more like sisters with every year that passes.

it's a really necessary item for your life. trust.

two shortie stories i wanted to tell you because i want you to giggle like i did:

her husband, who is one of the loveliest men ever made but not exactly the guy who makes a lovely dinner...made dinner. no sides. just the meaty part.

my friend didn't even care. he turned twice as handsome as he already is just by putting that bird in the oven. maybe it was the overnight marinating. either way, she loved it.

so she wasn't going to let the fact that it exploded into tiny black crisps ruin the moment. so they all chewed and chewed with smiles on their faces.

this is really good, she told her husband. she was surprisingly honest.

it's not that bad, her husband agreed. he was honestly surprised.

their four-year old son, though, looked at both of them like they'd lost their minds and declared...


who says that?! probably the same little guy who looks wistfully at photos of his mom when she was pregnant with his little sister, sighs at the memory of it all, and says...

aww. remember when you ate laila?

oh, you. i hope your day tastes like fire. or just lights up all around you. that'd be a good thing. catch you later. and really. let's work on that sushi date thing. it'd be nice to pat you on your shoulder. xoxo. oh! and in honor of my extra long run this morning, i give you leg inspiration. via just smoke your troubles away.


Brandi said...

those little ones always know what to say. i kinda like that.

this friday, i can begin to put together my schedule for the winter quarter, which means i can finally figure out if a trip to alt summit lies in my future. i really hope it does, because there should be sushi in our future.

dorrietames said...

I LOVE reading your blog.. always makes me appreciate the humor, beauty, richness and love in everyday life... not to mention inspiration to do my leg lifts!!!!!!!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

It worked...I laughed!

Sherry said...

sushi....always. i crave it weekly. running...still sore from yesterday's. taking today off. little kids saying funny things...i miss it a lot. my kids are only full of insight and knowledge these days---but they eat sushi with me now :)

always love your stories and your photos. give us some sushi photos this week. i bet you can come up with a great story about raw fish.

lisa m said...

hahaha. having a(nother) bun i my oven seems to make this story all the better. thanks for the smiles today.

Richie Designs said...

I'm laughing so hard I'm crying.

love it!

Kathryn said...

Oh that is too funny! Love it!

Shannon said...

hee hee...today a laugh was needed, thank you!

Girliefriends are a must have! I miss mine that have flitted here and there and everywhere, hopefully this winter will involve many long laughable weekends.

SGM said...

You always make me laugh so hard, Karey. Love coming over here, even if you don't serve sushi.

Simply Mel said...

sushi with you ~ would be one of life's greatest pleasures! Here's to making this thing we have 'here' a reality!

JAMIE said...

I'm so using that line: IT! TASTES! LIKE! FIRE!


And another thank you for tweeting about my blogs! Compliments from you are a really fun present to get.

Thanks for it all!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

ha ha ha! You make fire light up all around us, ya know? I SO wish there was sushi, raucous laughter and back patting in our future....that would be heavenly. And an extra long run this morning? GREAT for you hun!

Em said...

Oh thank you. That made me laugh!

kathleen said...

i knew it had to be them.


jae said...

i know i've disappeared, but you might be shocked to know where i could surface. if you really want to grab another imaginary friend by the shoulders and look her in the hazels ...i'm closer than you know.