20 August 2010

happy weekend...

this morning, lillie asked me "why do people say 'have a nice life' when they really don't mean it?"

i didn't even need to respond since grae was in the room. "because they have sad little lives and only want you to be just as sad. losers love company."

i thought it was misery loves...oh, whatever. grae-rose rocks.

do you have grand or petite plans this weekend? i'm hoping to read a lot in the sunshine if the weather cooperates. i feel like the cold is coming to the east coast, so i'm stealing sunshine whenever and wherever i can. but first i need to get my eyes checked. i'm in desperate need of spectacles. i may ask for your help next week deciding on a pair.

i like this quote, don't you? the whole blog is pretty cool, and i find myself wishing they'd update more or aggressively seek out fresh content. like she does. i just can't get enough of the bookshelf, can you?

uncle sugar has a saying kind of like this. something about "build a man a fire and you keep him warm for a night. set a man on fire and you keep him warm forever."

he's a treasure, that one. sweet weekend wishes to you all. xoxo.


Relyn said...

Your family always makes me laugh. And smile. And sometimes cry. I love that about you Mackins.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

love those comments big time. good luck with the glasses hunt, i got some new ones recently that i'm loving. good old standard issue black ray bans. very comfy.

have a great weekend xo

Brandi said...

your family is just full of treasures and special moments. enjoy those last stray rays of summer sunshine as much as you can. i'm spending the weekend making dinner for family and friends.

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

yup, Grae-Rose rocks! It the last blast for summer, isn't it? Took the kids to the beach and it was packed to the rafters, a manic edge to the atmosphere..

Third Avenue Style said...

oh man I so need to remember that comeback - breaks my heart when I realise that someone has been mean to one of my boys - is it really so wrong to want to beat up small questionably innocent children?????