21 June 2010

just a pop-in...

esmé's been packing her own satchel for our upcoming holiday. i've been unpacking said satchel every night, only because i'm quite certain her popsicles and salami sandwishes will not make it to saturday.

as for me, i'm packing this suit in white and this one in dark fog. plus a few black dresses and piles of tomatoes and mozzarella and balsamic. i can't wait for the über simplicity of it all.

last night, i found esmé with a tiny silk bag full of some our most beautiful shells from muscat and taba heights and phuket and probably some other random beaches along the way.

why would you pack shells? i asked, shaking my head and thinking popsicles weren't so silly an option anymore.

the look she threw me was honestly one of the purest i've ever seen. overflowing with...i don't know...care, maybe.

i want to take them back to the sea, she shrugged.

i'm letting her.

paul schmidt's work makes me hum. i may see you again before my birthday, but if not? happy fourth. be sure to sing the anthem at least a few times loudly. i cry every time, don't you? xoxo.


Simply Mel said...

Your 'pop-in' post added another beautiful ray of sunshine to the first day of Summer ~ merci.

The Lil Bee said...

I love that little munchkin. I must've missed something though. When did you say you were taking a break, anyway? I don't recall authorizing one, and I've been stalking your 08 June post for the last 13 days. (Stomps foot.)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday if we don't see you. and not that you need to be told but enjoy your time away.

mrs. darling said...

i do believe esme takes after you. "i'm taking them back to the sea." perfect. just as perfect as, "she saved her salt for the living." both of your words take my breath away.

may you have the most wonderful vacation in all the land!

Brandi said...

your esme has real vision. i'm so happy you grew that in her. girls like that become women who change the world.

have a perfectly lovely time on your vacation, karey.

mimi charmante said...

sweet friend,
I wish you a marvelously magical holiday, a sparkle-filled birthday celebration (known as the "birthday week" in these parts...), and look forward to seeing you when you return~

Callie Grayson said...

that esme, got to love her! she is the best!!
have fun!

Sherry said...

yahoo!! a pop-in just made my day.

Richie Designs said...

like a treat I wasn't expecting love your pop-in
and and early happy b-day.

I think you might be the only Cancer woman I've ever liked [seriously]

billy said...

Happy Birthday K, I missed you. send us a post card.

kathleen said...

i love the shells. i'm amazed at what she says sometimes.

have a fantastic vaca. xx

susan said so said...

so happy to see you, even if only for a moment. thank you for sharing the wildebeests' wisdom. is it weird to think of esme as one of my imaginary friends?

happy holiday, birthday too!


Blues said...

oh I just wanna be inside her pretty head.

Claire Gibson King said...

hi there. so nice to hear from you. have a beautiful day and weekend.

Relyn said...

Yes, I do cry every time. And, happy, happy birthday. Happy Fourth. Happy anniversary.