05 May 2010

which lane...

i got some genius color last night.

the girl who normally helps me pretend i've sun streaks even during a blizzard in february was fully booked. this turned out to be a lovely turn for me.

anyway. i love salon talk, don't you? all tawdry. all seedy. it's a good escape.

my little shampoo girl was a doll with flat-out gorgeous tattoos. like, take the most beautiful blooms in hawaii and stick them on your skin stunning.

she was shocked that i loved them so. most people don't like them, she shrugged.

what?! {insert my shock here.} i would've believed her more if she'd told me that most people don't like baby monkeys wearing diapers and bow ties. i mean, this was art. and also? am i being too pollyanna here? isn't throwing out judgy vibes considered...i don't know...passé? common? gross?

say yes.

later, my colorist was talking about her new boyfriend of just a few months. they're heading out on holiday this morning. eleven days of together. she seemed excited but probably also a little nervous.

i don't know, she admitted. people say it's too fast...

i thought about that for a second. just a second. and then i had my grandma tells the roller coaster story moment.

what's wrong with fast? i asked. life is fast. and that's sort of what makes it so exhilarating and exhausting and tragic and...and...i'm not sure what word to add here. because there's nothing quite like it in the world, is there?

i've this theory. this game that i play only in my head. so i usually win.

when i meet someone new or get to know a person, i can feel it if they've ever lost someone. if they ever saw life one minute, and the end of it the next. it's funny. i can discern that far easier and way quicker than i can guess someone's weight.

i'm not sure if there are some complex factors and equations that run through my head, but i for sure know it's about the care they show the world nearest to them. and also how fast they try to live.

hmmm. i was only going to tell you about my genius color. sorry about that. and i forgot how that roller coaster story always makes me misty. it's great, yes? all images found on the photo fairy tumblr: by disappointment only. brilliant.


Caroline said...

I needed that video today. Thank you.

Signorina Svizzera said...

I've always had this feeling that I am going to meet the perfect person but people will tell me that it's too fast and I can't possibly feel that way so soon. When I'm there, I'm going to come back here and read this :)
I don't think I've commented before, but I love your writing- it makes my day <3

Nicole said...

You're right...there is no too fast. Life is fast. And sometimes in the speed of it all a connection or emotion hits you like an out of control mac truck. There is no stopping, no steady stroll, no do-it-like-your-gramma-says-you-should. If your gramma says that, she hasn't met that Mac truck.

That necklace at the end...wow. I need that for my too-fast wedding in July.

Hope you have a glorious, spirit-filling, abounding with happiness day!

release.refresh.renew said...

Pure perfection. Than you.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh yes....judgy is so passe, I think people just get stuck on judgy and don't know what they like sometimes! Ya know? And that rollercoaster, I love it....life it too fast, when you are having fun. Too too fast. I am so glad you got awesome color, I bet you look rockin. I know you do in fact. :)

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

agree, jump in take the ride. you never know if it is going to go at break neck pace that seems like it will never end, hit a wall, or slow down and come to a calm stop.


megan said...

i love this post, karey.


Brandi said...

oh, karey. you're just awesome. being judgy is really lame. it's so much more fun when you're accepting of people, see the beauty in everything in life, and make other feel good. i'm all about that.

and i don't think there's anything wrong with fast either. i'm considering a big change in my life and i know some people would consider it fast, but there are some things we do, changes we make because they're worth it. the changes and the people.