06 May 2010

uncle sugar...

i wrote this two years ago for my husband's birthday. since then, we've lived about three lifetimes. more than one of those lifetimes would probably have been better suited for someone who doesn't close her eyes for the majority of scary movies.

pat always tells me when it's safe to look. i think i like that about him. way more than when he advises me to begin all of my idea bubbles with "when we win the lottery..."

evidently, my ideas make more sense then.

anyway. i'm completely unsure of a lot of things. i am. i just am. but no matter what, no matter when, no matter how, i'd bet the house on that boy of mine.

my girlies three have enough love in their little lives to fill an entire blog and a bucket or two, but there will come a day when it won't be enough. which is exactly when they'll begin their searches for more. and when that day comes, i'd love for mine to remember what true love looked like to me...

when your true love walks into your view, you'll know it. he'll be hauling the sun and the moon and all the stars in the sky and a rainbow or two along with him.

and you'll never tire of the spectacle.

your true love will laugh at all the jokes you whisper in his ear. then he'll add a bit of his naughtiness and retell your joke to the room. loudly. and when everyone laughs and tells him how funny he is, he will look at you sheepishly and say the joke was really yours all along. because you're much funnier. which may not be true, but it will be nice that he believes it.

your true love should have a big brain. one that remembers historical events, like when the conflict of 1958 occurred. scientific processes, like the phone. how does it work? and important anniversaries. especially if your brain only remembers pretty things, like love and flowers and we-eloped-on-a-wednesday. this big brain shouldn't make him boring or stuffy or intimidating, though. it should just make him more interested.

your true love may view the world in black and white. right and wrong. yes or no. and that is perfectly fine. as long as he's open to gray and mistakes and maybe.

when your true love sees injustice, his anger should fill all the stand-by-and-do-nothing silences. with really creative expletives. he'll do whatever he can to make it right, or pay someone else to do it. and then? when he talks to you about all the wrong - his and theirs and ours - his heart will probably overflow from his eyes. because the world is worth his tears.

when you ask your true love if he believes in heaven, he should answer yes. without a doubt. but how do you know? you'll ask. i just know, he'll say. and then you will, too.

your true love should have the strongest will of anyone you've ever met. and when he wants to make a change, it will be simple. he just will. because his will is one of his superpowers. but when he does not wish to make a change, it will be simple. he just won't. because his won't is his kryptonite..

your true love might be too much sometimes. too much cubans. too much amber liquid that's hundreds and hundreds of years old. too much words that begin with the letter f. but he is mostly nearly never too much. not for you.

your true love may not be a picnic every day. he may be naughty. maddeningly, heart-breakingly, deliciously naughty. and, really, no one needs a picnic every day. because then it's no longer a picnic. it's lunch.

your true love will probably give the children i'm dreaming of for you most of their naughtiest qualities. like aggro. stubbornness. fightiness. and his too-much-iness. but that's not entirely true. because he will also be the one to show them to lean into life, hold tight to their values no matter how strong the pull, commit, fight to the end for what they believe...and cook the perfect risotto.

and whenever your true love leaves you - for the afternoon or for the week or for forever - you will surely know it. he will take with him your sun and your moon and all the stars in the sky and a rainbow or two.

at least...this is what my true love looks like. happy birthday, uncle sugar.

ancient images from ffffound. i'm starting the weekend early, as we've a giant one planned. hope yours is as epic or as tiny as you need it to be...xoxo.


Sarah said...

your words have the innate ability to make me feel it. (if you know what i mean) lucky lucky man that uncle sugar he is.

Relyn said...

Karey, I haven't even read this post yet. I will. I surely will. For now I have to tell you something and rush off. I call it drive by blogging. Anyway...

My school day is about to begin and I will be descended upon by hordes of squirming second graders. To start my day off right, I went to t.ruffles. I am laughing - still laughing about the natural fertilizer. I'll be laughing all day. So... thank you. It will be a better, funnier day because of you.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

wow, awesome words. touched a chord with me.

hope you and uncle sugar have a fun filled, action packed, rip roaring, bloody bonza time.


karey m. said...

sarah...when's your wedding? when are you going to start posting again?!?!

relyn...oh, good! i liked that one, too.

jules...shouldn't your boys see washington, dc soon? you need to plan a trip, i think.

xoxo, all!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. happy birthday to your true love.

Sherry said...

i wished i'd written that..it's absolutely perfection. pure, pure..perfection.

Signorina Svizzera said...

just...brilliant. i am bookmarking this and am going to read it every time i feel silly (or people tell me i'm silly/old-fashioned) that i dream of a true love like this. thank you!

leigh said...


you have this incredible ability to open my heart with your words...

uncle sugar sure sounds a lot like the hub... i'm kind of imagining them as friends now.... and that makes me smile...

happy birthday uncle sugar!

kathleen said...

wow. i read david in loads of this. save the bit about cubans and amber liquid. thank you. xx

Joslyn said...

happy birthday uncle sugar!
you are magic with words karey...

and...that rock paper scissors argument from ffffound. umm yes.

happy mother's day weekend friend ;-)

Richie Designs said...

my guy totally remembers important historical events like the conflict of 1958 too.

they're so smart. and cute.

a girl called dallan said...

Oh, my, how you can write. You have amazed me again. And brought tears. Again. Thank you for the beauty.

Barchbo said...

Love it! Have a magical weekend with the fam! Many Happy Returns, Uncle Sugar!

Simply Mel said...

Karey ~
my heart just exploded, and I guarantee Uncle Sugar's explodes every single moment he sees you! I LOVE love, and when you are lucky enough to find someone who makes those butterflies flutter with just that look or brush of a hand, well, you know you have something really special. Something that lasts a lifetime when accompanied by brains, talent, loyalty, and a peripatetic soul that craves you to be by his side every step of the way.
I know I say this often, but this might just be my very favorite post ever!

And yesterday's t.ruffle ~ strawberries and hearts, I need it!

Callie Grayson said...

what a lovely way of expression! my heart is giddy happy just reading it and it wasn't even for me!


Anonymous said...

fireworks!! happy fireworks firing off in my belly as i read this. so damn good.
happy birthday uncle sugar from a fellow taurus.
oh i'll be grinning silly for the rest of the night remembering this ode to u.s.

Alicia said...

Fabulous!!! The guy love of my life blows out his candles on Saturday... may yours have a rockin day!!!
The paper rock scissors prose needs to be on a quotable magnet.

Amie aka MammaLoves said...

Your romance blows me away. I love experiencing it vicariously through your words.

Can't wait to hear about the weekend. Sounds juicy!!


becca b said...

the "and you'll never tire of the spectacle," i've only been married to my husband for 4 years, but almost every day i just marvel at how fantastically handsome he is, and "i never tire of the spectacle" (I know that isn't what you were meaning, but it's what i thought).

love the post, as always!

Third Avenue Style said...

Pure Genius.


Jordan said...

"you'll never tire of the spectacle..."

I had to copy and paste this at my angle today.

loved it.

Tobi said...

When you tell about Uncle Sugar, I smile. Every Single Time

la la Lovely said...

Oh Karey, Karey....That just struck me still. You're words are pure magic! You and Uncle Sugar sure do have something special...that is the best gift you can give those girlies!

Vintage Simple said...

Aw, happy birthday to uncle sugar!! And happy mother's day, sweet karey!!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

First of all, Happy Birthday to dear Uncle Sugar! And secondly...if I had tried to put into words my Joel...I could not have done it but, you did. You could be talking about him so, now I believe he and Uncle Sugar would like each other....lots. Just substitute mac & cheese for risotto and we are there! :) I hope you all have a fantastic weekend my dear...

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh...AND you quoted Omar ( my fave ) LOVE you for that. :)

Brandi said...

oh karey. if i could reach through the internet and vast distance separating us and hug you i would. i can't tell you what an impossibly difficult week i've had and how this post of yours has made me smile and laugh and has reinforced my belief in love (it suffered a bit of a blow that it's slowly been recovering from).

you're the best. and definitely a writer. if i were a publisher, you'd have books on shelves all over the world.

Relyn said...

I told you I'd be back. Happy, happy birthday Pat. Enjoy your giant weekend celebrating with your girlies four.

Katie said...

haha, that rock-paper-scissors bit makes complete sense! love it - i always questioned the same paper conundrum, well done, i'll always win now

Kym said...

Thank you for reminding me to love the small things in my husband. Sometimes I can't see past those little annoyances & thats a shame isn't it.
And I hear you on the rock/paper thingy.

mimi charmante said...

seriously, while I was already in love with your writing, you have really done it this time. i am now in love with you. i will be reading your "rock, paper, scissors" theory with my own husband. true genius.
happy mothers day gorgeous girlfriend,

The Lil Bee said...

You make me cry. I love Paulie as much as this, too. And I love that you have someone like this, cause I think the world of YOU. Your girlies three are going to marry boys that are just like their father.

Anonymous said...

you made me cry
but in a good way

Meander said...

I remember reading this on Uncle Sugar's last birthday - it made me cry then and it made me weep again today. . .such an extraordinary love - you are truly gifted to be able to express your blessing so articulately. Lovliness embodied!

maggie said...

You made me laugh out loud with your (obvious correct) assessment of Rochambeau. And now, as I finish reading, tears are streaming down my face.
Thank you.
I needed both of those right now.

Marnie said...

beautiful and happy and full... really enjoyed this...sending this to my 18 year old daughter.

Zayna said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog all day long, for 3 days straight, and now I'm starting all over again; I love it so much.
I have a request, though..can I please please see what Uncle Sugar looks like? My in-my-head picture of your family is feeling incomplete..

Alex Taniguchi said...

Love it! Have a magical weekend with the fam! Many Happy Returns, Uncle Sugar!

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