26 April 2010

meet coco...

we found her at a rescue event this weekend, and we're all pretty enamored with her.

lillie wanted to change the spelling to cocoa. grae thought we should add a middle name of bean. esmé wanted to rename her altogether. her vote was for the name sunday, but we told her it's not so nice to just up and change someone's moniker. she argued that it would be more than fine if we changed hers to ginger poppy, reminded me that i call her mookie blaylock fairly exclusively, and continued to push for a new name for her new pup.

until uncle sugar suggested ricky.

esmé glared at the ground. pursed her little lips. sighed.

there. cannot. be. two. rickies. she informed him patiently.

yeah, esmé. one's enough for any family.

p.s. any puppy-training tips will be very much loved. xoxo.


The Lil Bee said...

OMG!!! So excited for you, Karey! I love that her name is Coco. I love her face! She is beautiful and you are all going to be so so happy:) My suggestion is just to roll with the punches, which will undoubtedly include a bunch of accidents, even when you think she's grown out of that phase, as well as a chewed-up shoe or five (hide them. Trust me.)

Also, mookie blaylock? I love you. Like, even more now.

Kelly said...

hooray!!!! she's gorgeous! chocolate brown and those eyes! *sigh* i'm smitten.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh. my. god. She is absolutely gorgeous hun! Wow! Congratulations! Yippee! YAY! I love her! I am afraid I won't be any help, we had to hire a trainer. So, that is truly my advice. Hire an awesome trainer, pronto! :)
sorry....She is adorable! YAY!

{lovely little things} said...

How exciting!
Coco was my pup's name, we had her for 17 years, the best dog ever. Good luck with your Coco.

Amie aka MammaLoves said...

A new subject for my lens!!!!

Coco...so refined. Does she have a chain/leather collar already?

Anonymous said...

ah!! the beasts and i are twirling so much we're quaking california all over again!
nothing like adopting a pup.
we blatantly changed priscilla's name. alas, she could not tell us her former gansta call sign (those newport beach streets can be so dangerous and rough/tumble).
love! love! love!

karey m. said...

oh, thanks everyone! i'm a little nervous about this. not too sure we're great with the whole consistency/training thing. we shall see.

bee...you know mookie, too?

kelly...i think uncle sugar loved her because she looks like him and lillie!

melis...a trainer! really?! you were supposed to tell me i can DO THIS! ha.

lovely little you...she came with that name, but i do sort of love it. i think lillie was going to be a coco at one point!

and amie...i have this leash for her and i can't figure out how to put it on her? not stylish. hopeless.


Rachel said...

She has kind eyes. Congrats on the new family member!!

karey m. said...

katie! i think i'm going to be in newport beach in a few weeks! will let you know in a bit. yay!

karey m. said...

rachel...exactly what we thought. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

you must let me know

mrs. darling said...

ooooh, congrats on the new family member! her eyes just melted my heart a little. on doggie training...i recommend lots of treats to reinforce good behaviour and a BIG sense of humor!! laughing makes even the worst poop messes bearable.

karey m. said...


not coco. i think she's going to be perfect. {like esme.}

paula said...

how sweet is he. my daughter still tries to rename our dog. um, we've had him for a year now.

Amy said...

I don't have any advice on puppy training.. Our rescue puppy seems to be having the most trouble with the "in the house all night with no one to let him out" part of things, prompting The Man to declare that he must stay outside FROM.NOW.ON. (a threat which is repeated daily, but Yours Truly is too tender-hearted and can't bear to kick him out... he's such a good Man.) Today I caught the puppy following a stray cat around the yard. He's most terribly fierce, wagging his tail and following kitties around. A true guard dog. Most terribly.

maggie said...

Yay for rescuing puppies! As far as training advice: consistency.
Today we're celebrating our puppy's 5th birthday (they're always puppies, no matter their age) and we have given him a new nickname nearly every day of those 5 years ;) Enjoy and have fun with your pretty puppy!

Anonymous said...

oh she just has the sweetest face! ugh :) and i am loving coco. very cool. as for what to do w dogs..no clue. that's why i have cats :) haha

emily b.

Kay* said...

omg congrats! that is so wonderful! i never had pets growing up and 2.5 years ago got a little bichon/toy poodle who i am now absolutely in love with. when i see my younger brothers (age 6-17) interacting with howard (my dog lol) it warms my heart so much - i literally think having a pet is one of the best experiences & memories you can give to children. i have tons & tons of advice for puppy training and would be more than happy to shoot you over an email since i don't want to write a novel here. but i do agree with an above commenter who said 'consistency.' and you can totally train yourself - though i did do basic puppy obedience school with howard.

coco is so cute!

Krissy said...

she looks like a sweetie!! Congrats to the family.
oh, and ps- puppies are cute so you can't stay mad at them when they misbehave :)

Nicole said...

What a sweetie! I love funny critter names almost as much as baby ones! We name everything around here.

My Lilly is currently saving every penny she can for a rescue pup--who knows what she'll name it. She has an incredible ability to keep adding names to things--not change them, just add to them. For instance, the rescue kitty we picked out of the road on the way to work one morning (and hid under the desk in a box all day) is now officially Jewel Siren Lickey Cat Ross...aka Si-Cat.

I'd vote for a middle name for your pup too. How about Chanel?

ZDub said...

Such a sweet dog. Rescue dogs are the best!

And I just knew Lil Bee would be so happy for you!

Anne-Marie (10 Rooms) said...

She is lovely! I have a one year old lab with eyes like this, we just went to "look", we didn't stand a chance :) Visit The dog whisperer, here : http://www.cesarsway.com/ - he has been our saving grace... And always carry treats - she'll follow you wherever you go!

lisa {milkshake} said...

Oh, what a sweet, sweet face. No puppy-training tips from me - I need them myself! (Even after a visit from a trainer and a class. Yikes.)

A-M said...

She is so beautiful... she is going to be smooched to bits. A-M xx

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Oh...love her. Our pup is almost 14...I have such a dog weakness that my husband has to pull me away from all those dogs needing homes.


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

wow how gorgeous. she's what we call a 'red cloud' kelpie. they make great sheep dogs, we had a few on the farm. If you want to train her to round up the girlies three into a corner quietly, let me know ;) will send you a book!

big happy weenekend huh, how cool!


Callie Grayson said...

Such a sweet pup! look at those eyes:)

two commands that I find very helpful,

"Down" or "paws on the floor"


"walk away" this one, especially if there something that will attract her attention and I don't want her all excited.

my dog is 65-70 pounds.
Going to dog training school is always good, much more for the people than the dog. You learn how to speak/command your dog.

How exciting for you and your girlies three!!

Brandi said...

karey! i don't know if i'm more excited for you or the girlies three! there's nothing like being able to come home to puppy love. as for puppy tips, regular vet appointments for shots and check ups. i've heard good things about training school too, though i've never sent my dogs to one (sometimes i wish i had). i'm so happy to hear you had such a lovely weekend!

la la Lovely said...

Congratulations!!!! What a cutie... I'm kinda feeling Ginger Poppy... that sweet Esme is a good little namer! I have no advice on training dogs since I have a very very naughty 11 year old dog!

caroline duke said...

love it, karey! congratulations. prrrretttty girl she is.

Kimberlee said...

beautiful puppy. even if this self confessed spinster planning to own a million cats says so.

oh, and playing shoppe? it would be so much fun. nothing would get done. i couldn't think of anything better. x

susan said so said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! And, although I was convinced I couldn't adore you any more, I do, actually - because you adopted a rescue dog!

I'm Shelter Manager at a large open-admissions Humane Society (6194 adoptions last year, woo-hoo!), so if you're serious about training tips let me know. I can definitely point you in the right direction. : )


karey m. said...

susan! my post title was actually going to be "because susan said so..."

i swear on that. xoxo.

Kristin said...

oh puppy love! so happy for you. waking up to my lulu is one of the favorite parts of my day. I hope you enjoy every minute with your Coco Cocoa Sunday Ricky Dog.

PS - still laughing about two ricky's.

Relyn said...

Your Rickie thing? Still laughing about it.