22 March 2010

things i learned this weekend...

i can guess uncle sugar's mood first thing in the morning. all weekend, i woke to perfect lattes with his signature swirly froth and omelets stuffed with ingredients all chopped uniformly and layered...well...perfectly.

this morning, he left for work without refilling the water tank in our coffee maker. which means that i would've only been able to make four double-espressos before i had to fill up the water. my. self.

you might think this means nothing, but i know it means two things: one, that boy loves the weekend. and two, he needs to open a restaurant.

i learned i love it when other people are naughty. {seriously. have you read the comments in this one? my sister and i laugh so hard while we're on the phone that we don't say a word. for. minutes. this really only happens when you leave me comments that are way better than my post or, like, when she sends me a t.ruffle suggestion that includes the words bum, glaucoma, sick day, and because i can't see my arse coming into work today.}

but i don't exactly love it when i'm naughty. i am drawn to artists who are naughty, though. she's exactly that. plus we share a birthday. which makes me think i'm one step closer to either being a real artist...or just naughty.

if you've the time, this article is thoughtfully genius. and this one includes a few observations that sort of made me gasp.

tell me something beautiful...

let's see. what else. i learned that my grae-girl swims as though her life depends on winning the race. i sure envy that quality. it makes me feel hopeful that she'll be well-equipped to handle anything that life throws her way. but i also worry that her way will, in fact, be more like a race. always checking to make sure of her place. a nail-biter, do you know?

i learned that my lillie kate swims without a care in the world. the end of the race will come soon enough, so why rush it? why not give the crowd a chandelier smile before you set off for another length? why not have no earthly idea if you came in screaming first or dead last? details. i sure don't envy this quality, because i'm afraid i bequeathed it to her.

also. i learned that sunshine draws me away from my keyboard. which leaves me wondering if blogging is just a winter sport for me.

charles albert is killing me. you know how i feel about things around my neck {hate. choke. gasp. help.}, but i would wear these. and i want that ring so hard it makes me grimace. totally unrealistic, yes? probably yes. hope your weekend was chill, friends. xoxo.


oh, hello friend. said...

sounds like a lovely weekend! and that is some seriously legit jewelry. xo.

Anonymous said...

i wish you'd bottle up some of that lilie kate and sell it in the truffle shop. i'd buy it in buckets.
at the end of the day she/you have it right: the only details that matter are the sparkly, shimmering ones.

Brandi said...

mmm...a chandelier smile. i think that's the right way to go about things. a smile that that, a fire in your belly, and that warm wind on your heart. and i do think naughtiness feels so good sometimes -- we need big reminders now and then that rules can be broken and should be. perhaps all the great things in the world start out with a smirk and a revolutionary thought.

ZDub said...

Sunshine is pulling me away from just everything also.


Simply Mel said...

I believe that ring would make a fabulous belt buckle ~ hanging so sexy and loose around a shimmering white Summer frock!

pen.ny said...

I loved this one. I was thinking the exact same thing about blogging this weekend. I'm quite worried you see, when the weather is ths nice for more than just the weekend. From friday at noon to monday morning my computer wasn't touched once! Not even looked at! And you know what? I loved it.
What is it they say? Time will tell? Ah yes, time will tell.

susan said so said...

All I can think about wearing those (admittedly BEAUTIFUL) necklaces is that they must way a ton! But they are splendid to behold.


mrs. darling said...

i do believe my life might be incomplete without that stunning turquoise ring. (necklaces make me think spiders are crawling on me-EEK!)

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

that ring is a dead set killer, love it.xx

shannon said...

Oh those bracelets how I want, i can only imagine the sweet sound they would make bouncing off one another, oh and how they would look against my tan arm this summer!!!!!

please sir said...

Yes the sun seems to be drawing me away too. And being naughty? Here and there it can't be a bad thing!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

good god that last necklace almost made me have a heart attack, gor.geaous. ack. And your girls( all three) will win the race, I am sure, in their own individual time...I can't help but love lillie kate, because I "swim" that way too....sunshine draws me away too but, please don't threaten us with going away again...please. Unless of course you WANT me to cry.
I adore you and you always show me such amazing things....and tell me beautiful things. Thank you dear one...
ps if no one was ever naughty, what on earth would we do?