25 March 2010

beached whale...

i've so much laundry right now, it's not anywhere near amusing.

and you know me. i believe pretty much everything lives next door to amusing. or, at the most, a bicycle ride away.

but four giant-huge loads accumulated in a day? inconceivable.

i know what happened first: lillie cleaned her closet straight into the laundry bin. and i'm normally ready for that. i am. i usually know exactly what that little thing is going to do. because it's exactly what i'd do. if i had a maid.

it's what happened next that changed it all up a bit: beached whale.

what's beached whale? you're kidding me, right? it's where three smallies hop into the tub. one stars as a poor whale washed up on shore, while the other two play hapless tourists from india. or ireland. the accent varies, but lillie and esmé have hapless perfected.

it begins to rain. hard. shockingly chill, then scaldingly third-degree. and there are waves. tidal.

long story shorter, the whale is saved. the bathroom is sopping wet, and six towels get stuffed into the bin by three. very. hapless. littles.

beached whale. only the most amusing game ever. if you have a maid.

words and such found on moving intangibles. that loa tzu quote spoke to me so much that i rewrote it. i've got to remember that one. really. and also, that is my handwriting when i don't write all t.ruffle slowly. i think i like it better. xoxo.


mary said...

Um, YES. I love that writing! xoxo

Brandi said...

i do like your handwriting all fast. it takes on a new character. as for the laundry...perhaps it calls for the invention of a new game?

Heather said...

What kind of fantastically colored pens do you use? Also, I adore your handwriting.

Andrea said...

I can't live without a maid. I really don't think I can. This is gonna suck.

Hope you are well.

Sherry said...

this is the best...i bet their imainary play, complete with accents, is enough to cover you in happy goosebumps daily.

wish i would have thought up beached whale when i was a kid.

Shannon said...

Glad the whale was saved! Good luck with the laundry, if I had a maid I would totally let her have the day off and send her your way, hey what are imaginary friends for...and imaginary maids for that matter~


your handwriting needs to be turned into a font.

i'd buy it and use it on all my correspondence.

actually, two fonts. one for hurried and one for slow.

and it would automatically be in turquoise.

Heather said...

i am so happy you came back to blogging, don't ever leave.

emily b. said...

oh, you have artist handwriting :) i should've known. as for your three, that game sounds delightful. my sister and i used to pretend we were mermaids and keep our ankles together and walk on our hands round and round the tub. and it wasn't a big tub so i know we must've been quite small when we did this :)

as for laundry, my sister used to run through the house, grab a chair, and stand by the washer when it started to agitate. all the time saying washing sheen! washing sheen! oh she was cute then. (what happened? haha)

i think there should be a holiday where adults get to act like their kid-selves. thoughts? :)

xo, em

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

I am so glad I DO have a maid... Not for much longer but, boy, am I going to enjoy it while it lasts!

Rachel said...

Ok. I thought your handwriting WAS a font. And so of course I agree that it should be.

megan said...

karey m.

i would just like you to know that i have been telling the irrelephant elephant joke (and laughing hysterically at myself) to everyone i come in contact with today. some people look at me a little askance, but most laugh back. so thank you.


crow said...

i LOVE that he saved jelly's life, i love love love the Ed-membrance here. i imagine he kissed your mom and then headed off to work in his white t-shirt and levis as if it were no big deal. blows atticus finch out of the water in my opinion.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

I love it so much....beached whale, your girlies three, and that quote. So happy the whale is saved...now, let's get a maid! We could split her! :)
ps I adore your handwriting, if is very lovely & poetic.

kathleen said...

ok. seriously. i'm beginning to think that perhaps bear got caught up in the beached whale mayhem.

and i miss cecilia. desperately.

what number maid were you on by the time you left? 9? ;)

kathleen said...

ok. seriously. i'm beginning to think that perhaps bear got caught up in the beached whale mayhem.

and i miss cecilia. desperately.

what number maid were you on by the time you left? 9? ;)

susan said so said...

what rachel said.


Natalie said...

Your writing is gorgeous. And wow, that quote; yes, it speaks to me too.

Meander said...

love that quote! so true!

Third Avenue Style said...

Oh man, I love that without fail you always make me laugh...............

Vintage Simple said...

HA! Irrelephant! I love it. Love it!! And the story. And the accents. And just how you write and you seem to always have the right thing to say when I need to hear it. Thank you, dear.