24 March 2010

is it summer yet...

esmé and i are eating prosciutto and cheese on crackers for breakfast.

this is what we always crave when we're on holiday. the sunshine is trying to trick us, i think.

i've got a bit to write today for another project, so i headed to royal quiet deluxe for a spot of push. always always the best collection of words over there.

i scribbled down this one, and then underlined a few of the words: the best voices are not you...they're a little away from you. barry hannah.

this barry hannah fellow was obviously. not. a. blogger.

he was, however, donna tartt's mentor at university of mississippi. envy.

we've a date with some swings today, my girlie third and i. so so so very tempted to string up an indoor hammock like this one in casa camper hotel barcelona. more realistically, we're copying this entertainment inspiration after dinner tonight. have a sweet wednesday, friends. and those names yesterday?! man. did anyone else catch baby fever?


e said...

baby fever? i think i caught full-blown baby-craving flu from yesterday's post and comments! it's an epidemic. so much sweetness.

kathleen said...

dang, karey. i just got back from the shops, read your post, and am craving prosciutto. of which i have...zip.

Me said...

How did I not know about royal quiet deluxe? I feel the way my kiddos face looked the first time she actually was allowed to put chocolate in her mouth!


please sir said...

Prosciutto and cheese...oh yum! Sounds like a delightful afternoon...good luck writing.

Anonymous said...

i wish i could pull off DT's hair.

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Ah, we were tricked into icecream the other day by spring temps...and then it snowed a foot.

I heart Donna Tartt. In a big way.

megan said...

have fun writing! and have fun, especially, on your swing-date with girlie third. xoxo

susan said so said...

for us it's tomatoes, warm from the garden, and dripping glasses of sweet tea.

(welcome to the south!)


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Yum....that breakfast sounds delicious! I love your words and his words and....definitely think you should string up a hammock :) Hope you both had a swinging good time! :)