17 February 2010

who is this...

...robert greene fellow?

i'm told he's responsible for paula caravelli's home office wall.

i'm sort of drawn to impossible possibilities, aren't you?

spied and marked and ultimately torn out of elle decor march, which i bought in a very decadent - albeit weak - moment. i fear joslyn's hiatus is having an adverse effect on this formally frugal karey m.


Shayna said...

mmm, a gigantic inspiration board in all black and white? yes, please.

i agree. i can now count two weak moments (expensive ones!) in the less than two week period since i started this spending hiatus. that's two more than i usually have. but the sales were soooo good.

shhh. don't tell joslyn.
joslyn, cover your eyes.

karey m. said...


i. bought. a. jumpsuit.

we can call it a romper or a jumper or a playsuit or anything we'd like.

but. i. bought. a. jumpsuit.

i blame jos. shhh. don't you tell, either. xoxo

Brandi said...

i may have to go home and hijack those old photographs sitting in the basement. after all they do need to be organized. somehow.

but i couldn't work in front of this wall. i'd be too distracted. just like my freshman year of college when my desk faced the window and looked out onto broadway and 10th street in nyc. i did a lot of people watching that year. i learned a lot sitting there too.

Anonymous said...

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Sherry said...

sheez! oh no! is buying Elle Decor considered a cheat? i bought it the grocery store. isn't everything at the grocery store considered a neccessary purchase? it was tossed in with the avocados, tampons, coffee and wine! guess i can't brag anymore about how good i've been.

karey m. said...

brandi. i can ONLY imagine. and sort of wish you'd write about that!

sherry. i consider all of your purchases necessities. xoxo. the girl with a brand new jumpsuit.

Joslyn said...


and very clever hiding the jumpsuit behind the elle decor.

clearly i need to get back on twitter ;-)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

oops! Jos caught you! ooh.....(secretly, I am so happy you got a jumpsuit, I just KNOW you are going to ROCK it! Love your style lady & love this wall! Wish I could magically have one in my house!

Jane Flanagan said...

So gorgeous!