18 February 2010

be mine...

i never really told you about our valentine's day, did i?

hmmm. i can't imagine how it could've slipped my mind. maybe because...i'm not entirely certain...going out on a limb here...but it may have something to do with...how do you say...

i was a total jerk.

yes. that's exactly how you say.

don't get me wrong. it was an amazing day. but, then, we've been enjoying lots of those together with the blizzard days and all. so much so, that i'm newly inspired to win the lottery so we can stay home together and chat about everything and laugh our heads off about the girlies three. while he cooks spectacularly good food.

anyway. i normally don't even like valentine's day. {if you've noticed, i've a problem with holidays. more specifically, with certain days bossing me around.} but he and the girlies three were dying to give me this. which i love. especially when he told me "lill wanted to buy you the one with heavy tones of vanilla because you always call her vanilla, but i thought this would remind you of the gardenias you grew at our first house."

oh. those gardenias. yes, that was a fond memory. i loved those guys. miracle gro'd the heck out of 'em. how thoughtful. now. where's the shiny stuff?

i. know. this was clearly not me. not the one i know and certainly not the one most of you don't know.

but uncle sugar doesn't disappoint this crow when it comes to gift-giving. he's good. never gets it wrong. ever. so i was expecting shiny objects, do you know?

he bought me two sweaters. neither of which was adorned with even one stray sequin. neither of which were black. {i will disclose, these are exceptional sweaters. bcbg and vince, if you'd like to know.} and i teared right up. we've grown apart! it's like we're strangers. two ships passing in the night. i'm the ship wearing the sweater. why would he treat me this way?

to which he replied, "that's ridiculous, baby!"

or, wait. no. that's not quite right. it was, "you're ridiculous. and you're acting like a small child."

it gets better. i think there was even a meow meow, henrietta pussycat in there.

do you know why he bought me sweaters for valentine's day? because i've been telling him i'm all full up on shimmer for a while. i don't wear half of what i've got. the last few shinies he's bought me? i've returned. and and and. i've been very. very. very. cold. and he knows i don't like to be that many verys of cold.

days later - and i imagine for many more to come - i think about that and feel warm. i love love, don't you?

lanvin lovelies found here and dedicated to jane flanagan. who loves lanvin and whose blog is really really way better than it used to be. however. she does need more pictures. everything's better with more pictures. i only know all of this because she and i were given the same faux-compliment and sage advice from an amazing commenter known as anonymous. dear anon. don't you mess with my jane flanagan. xoxo. karey m.


Brandi said...

you know, there's nothing like someone who thinks about what you need not just what you want. i didn't do much for valentine's -- m's birthday is three days after, so i choose to give him a birthday weekend since i was home so briefly. but i do get a bit whiny around my birthday. doesn't help christmas is three days after, and that's not a holiday that can be ignored. luckily for me, m made me feel quite special and even bought me separate gifts for each day. after growing up and seeing my cousins get for christmas what i got for christmas and my birthday (this was typically done by buying an "outfit" -- top and pants -- big in the late 80s, separating the two pieces for my gifts but giving the cousins both pieces for xmas), it's nice to have someone who makes me feel special on my birthday and doesn't mix it with christmas.

Jill said...

I've recently become a fan of Voluspa - similar to what your girlies 3 wanted to get you... baltic amber smells divine!

I'm not a Valentine's girl either - in fact, I don't think we even remembered the date here in our house.

la la Lovely said...

I'm not that huge on valentines day either. maybe it is because of all those valentines days during high school when i wore black, carried around a picture of cupid with his arrow in his back and vowed to be a nun (i would be starting a a more modern convent of course).
I'm always hoping and dreaming that the mr. will just "know" what I'm wanting (too much Austin and Bronte does these things to your head, you know). But I have now come to terms with having to be very specific about what I want. Like yesterday, I told him I wanted these 3 rings from Tiffanys. He laughed after I told him it was an investment but who knows maybe oneday or someday that sparkle will be on my hand :)
ps-i'm glad you told us you were a jerk because I would never think it or believe it. still kinda don't.

Pretty Neat Designs said...

I can relate to your story. And it seems fine at the time the tears and words are coming out of the mouth, but then later it is sort of like, aww man, that was so shitty. Live and learn. I'm still waiting for the learning part though.

karey m. said...

brandi. i feel for you. my birthday is the day before the fourth of july. shattered when i learned the fireworks weren't for me.

jill. i think it's the states! we even missed thanksgiving overseas!

trina. i KNEW you thought i was nice! i am not. i will try to break it to you gently.

pnd. yeah. once it's in the air and you have a chance to see how ugly it all looks? oy.

Shayna said...

the first few years the boy brought me flowers and i was kind of like, "sweet but...meh?". then one year i didn't get flowers but my very own pair of real leather lady-sized work gloves (much harder to find than one would think) and i was smitten.

the shiny stuff is so much easier to buy than the quiet things that require noticing, non?

but bcbg and vince? he's good.

Jane Flanagan said...

Ahhh! You're so awesome. I got all the way to the end and saw my name and laughed and laughed. I'll work on the pictures. I'm such a slacker!

karey m. said...

shayna. it's good to have someone who knows what you'd love. i like those kind of boys. i also like how you write in french to me.

and jane flanagan. i always remember how you told me you turn pink when someone says your full name. cracks me up.

paula said...

how sad and sweet all rolled into one. This is the first year hubby and I did a thing for Valentines. Every year he normally writes and directs a dinner theater, but he grew weary and did not do it this year. He was all mine.

mimi charmante said...

have I mentioned lately how much I love you?
well, I do.
oodles and oodles.
(thank you for the kirtsy - made my day)

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

love lanvin. love jane flannigan. hate v-day. but that's just me.

oh, and cool pictures.

Vintage Simple said...

Such a human story, no? And Anon.. Really?? Talk about crappy. Jane and you are awesome, and if you need me to go kick some Anon ass, just say the word. What a jerk!!

Your story? Totally touching. As always.


linda said...

i know this is horribly gauche but that hat is lovely and why didn't he buy that-- but then i wasn't sure if you did NOT like it - i adore it and must go see more ... also i usually read you in email and decided to de-cloak and say hello in sort-of 'real' life.. truthfully, blogging is real life to me, no matter how much my daughter tries to convince me otherwise!
daughters are like that as you know...

so hello, nice to meet you and i'll be back and I am still a bit confused on the {ill said} part as in, who? and the name 'T ruffles' would make me go anywhere just to see... sigh... i have no discipline, i should be in the shower and this is entirely too long but now, it's too late, i have wasted all this time writing it and i'll be damned if i am going to delete it. :)

Mrs.French said...

oh please don't hate me...but i am dripping with jealousy. do you know what i got for valentine's day? nothing. :( my mister is the most wonderful in so many ways and makes me laugh until my stomach hurts but he is the worst of the gift-givers. and the thought behind the gift...made my heart melt...you have got yourself a good one my friend. which is perfect, because i expect nothing but the finest for ms. karey. xo t