08 February 2010

things i learned this weekend...

i wish i was better at living vertically. it is definitely a skill, don't you think? uncle sugar and i want to spend a few years someday living in new york, so we'll hopefully get a chance to someday perfect this skill.

i like anna quindlen's words. they're incredibly simple thoughts, but somehow fly straight to my i've-got-to-remember-this list.

this is my view as i write. i'm serious. i mean, i opened up the patio door so you wouldn't get glare, but this may be the reason for my hazy dazey huh? where am i? wandering style of writing. sunshine in my backyard adds heartbeats to my life.

i think sunshine on my fingers would work just as well.

one more thing. an incredulous uncle sugar was shoveling the snow our proprietary plowed into mountain-piles at the end of our driveway, when an über chilled-out neighbor offered him some unsolicited advice.

you know, pat...i look at things and think 'hey. it could always be worse.'

at this, my husband stopped shoveling. really? because i look at things and think 'hey. it could always be better.'

i like the way uncle sugar thinks.

i know. i know. i ruined it all by telling you uncle sugar's real name. and now you know the name i've tattooed on my right foot. ugh. let's just pretend this never happened, ok? ok. as you were, friends. happy monday. and xoxo.

oh! one more thing. i learned that no matter how many years go by, uncle sugar and i still get all misty at the same super bowl commercial. every year. without fail. dear google, we're smitten. i will never bing again. and what are t.ruffles? mary and i will show you. xoxo. karey m.


Jane Flanagan said...

I feel the same way about bookshelves! Love this post. Vertical living is hard for me (I'm 5ft 2) and all my top shelves are empty!

barchbo said...

The Google ad was definitely the most popular ad the party we attended - I think the men were bigger fans of it than the women were!

Sherry said...

loved that Google ad....loved it.

Jill said...

oh we must be thinking alike... to live in NYC one day is one of our dreams. it's by far my favorite city in the world!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, how sweet....all of it. And yes, please move to and live in NYC some day so, we can meet for tea and scones anywhere you wish. :)

Brandi said...

I hadn't seen that commercial. Totally left me misty eyed as well. I think we all should live in NYC at some point. It's an excellent exercise in deciding what things you really need. It teaches you think creatively and manage space. You learn to walk more, you get out on the weekend even if two feet of snow have just fallen...
And I'm all about books at the key decorating pieces.
Happy Monday, lovely.

beth said...

I loved the google commercial too....

happy monday !

Di Overton said...

So sorry for not being around much lately, manic busy with new Ghost stuff.
Am taking some time today to do the rounds of the blogs and catch up - refreshing the soul
Much Love
PS Uncle Sugar sounds like Harvey (my partner)

Richie Designs said...

uncle sugar will always be his name. even if we ever meet.

in my mind he's a super secret spy saving the world from bad things thats why you guys get to live all over the world.

this is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Joslyn said...

yes that google ad was awfully swell.

and anna quindlen's words are always perfection but those are pretty much spot on.


Callie Grayson said...

seriously! your view is so beautiful! what a glorious view!!!

Simply Mel said...

Uncle Sugar seems to like aiming high - a vertical dweller indeed!

pen.ny said...

I can safely say I have mastered the art of vertical living, but it took me AGES. I love that google commercial...how perfect, how sweet!

Also, I think you just coined the term 'sunshine on your fingers' and I am grateful to you for this because it certainly made my days.

krista said...

i'm a little disappointed that your neighbors don't call him 'uncle sugar.'
although they would probably quite enjoy seeing a bunch of women who reside in blogland, over at your house enjoying vertical living and referring to your husband as 'uncle sugar.'
on second thought, they might turn him in.

susan said so said...

he's still uncle sugar to me.

and that google ad - grin-inducing sweetness.


Relyn said...

Pat, hunh? Doesn't seem right. I think he'll always be Uncle Sugar. Hope he likes it.

Kenziepoo said...

Love that google ad and what an incredible view!! Stunning!