09 February 2010

another. snow. day.

i'm forcing words today, so i'm going to beg off until maybe this evening.

i do, however, have some words over at design crush.

did you know that i rarely like the words that i write? it's probably that way with all of us, yes? well. i like the words i wrote for word very much. the last two or three lines made me a little weepy, even.

off to sled. see you at the sweeterie in a little bit.


Anonymous said...

it's all so, so good today. the sweeterie. seven year old karey. sun and moon.
my cup runneth over, and i'm lapping sips from the saucer.
love, katie

ZDub said...

I feel this way about photos I take. How they could always be a bit better.

Your words make me smile. Trust.

KT said...

I feel this way about my words, but yours are very inspiring and beautiful.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

I'm pigging out on those sweets. Lovely stuff.

Brandi said...

fantastic poem. and i think it's true: we're sometimes our own most verbose critic, even when we don't deserve it. i love everything you do. and i'm wildly picky, so that's a huge compliment. don't doubt your mad awesome skills, my dear.

Richie Designs said...

I love all of your words, every time but I understand

susan said so said...

i kind of know what that's like, only mine was a brother, and he wanted to die, and eventually he made sure he did.

if it had been my sister i don't know how i would have survived. i can't even think it without an ache.

so now you know: i'm a terrible person, one who would trade a brother for a sister if she had to. but i adore you anyway, and like to believe you'd understand.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

I love your words so very much, always. You inspire me, make me laugh & bring tears to my eyes. Don't ever doubt your brilliance. I hope you enjoyed sledding and now feel better about your words.

beth said...

i love what you wrote at truffle girls....you are such an inspiration !

Anonymous said...
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Sloane Lawson said...

Oh, your words, your words!

Relyn said...

Oops! That was me, not my daughter. I forget to sign her out when we do a post on her blog. Sorry.