27 November 2009

i'm as sick as a...


my tweets are hoarse. my beak's all fourth grade fat kid stuffy. even my feathers ache.

but i've got to get it together in, like, seven minutes. grae will wake up soon, and she's got big plans for us today. they involve swimming and a rock climbing wall and a walk to the potomac and a hunt for her newest obsession...a silver laborador.

i warned her that there are probably not many silver labs who need to be rescued. she waved me off with a matter-of-fact please-stop-messing-with-my-dreams-mom tone...everyone needs to be rescued.


rajha? you must peek in sharon montrose's shop. she's having a sale today. i think these prints would be most excellent for nafissa's and sarra's girls, yes? i don't know anyone who doesn't squeal when they see her work. did you just turn pink? i hope you just turned pink. i miss you, sisters three! xoxo.


Callie Grayson said...

hope you are feeling better!!! and have a wonderful time hunting for awesome pups!

Anonymous said...

is the family questing for canines? doncha know ? the silver, velvety labrador coat is just the remedy for raw beaks and achey feathers.
snuggle tight your girls three and feel better.
xo, katie

Brandi said...

I hope you feel better soon and enjoy a lovely day with grae (sounds like you're really in for quite an adventure).

I discovered Sharon Montrose's sale as well. I just now have to actually decide on four prints...Decisions, decisions.

If I see any silver pups, I'll send them your way.

Relyn said...

Feel better soon. Soon, soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better quickly!!

ps - did you get a dog?!

krista said...

i had a dream last night that i was super sick and my lymph nodes were the size of harmonicas. i remember thinking it strange that my lymph nodes were rectangular.
i really hope your nodes stay in check.
or at least in tune.
(oh, and SERIOUSLY, sharon montrose just plain makes me tear up.)

Erin said...

Hi my dear friend! I hope you feel well soon! I needed to "recharge" my battery (aka my life) and I remembered that you always have such beauty on your blog, so here I am!! Can't believe your time in the Middle East is over- wow! We're in Prague -- come visit soon because we move to Costa Rica this summer! Jad is almost 7, Danna is 5 going on 15, and Kyler is 2 and NON-stop talking.
Miss you! Hugs to your 3 darlin' girls, you, oh and that very nice hubby of yours!! I still remember the year we had T'giving at your house --- so fun!! HUGS!!

Di Overton said...

Ah hope you are feeling better. You still Kirtsied me and got me loads of new readers. You should be my agent :) BIG THANK YOU!!!!

peege said...

peeked & loved
missing you too much

Mrs.French said...

i hope the ick is all gone...if you happen upon one of those silver labs, please give a ring will you? i think i want one too...xo t