18 October 2009

we're a no-fringe family...

until this weekend, that is. esmé cut some bangs into her bob.

i was going to use this opportunity to show you some acceptable fringe. say, from haute hippie or lee angel.

then i saw this. and it's nothing that would normally stop me in my socks, but this weekend marked an anniversary of my sister's ending. something that always stops me in my socks.

i do like a smart bag.

someone asked me today if i was mad about mémé's hairchop. nope. no way.

my sister was a hairdresser. and she would've loved it.

read more about the marilyn minter tote and bright pink here.


Barchbo said...

With impish, joyful baby blues like those...I kind of HAVE to love the chop a few inches to their north!

So few of our choices have such fleeting repercussions as unfortunate haircuts...and Miss E carries her off with elan! Cheers to youthful indiscretion!

Mamma said...

She looks adorable with those bangs!!!

I don't think the timing is any coincidence.

melissa loves said...

Oh my....oh my. That is the most incredibly adorable little thing I have ever seen! Those eyes, that nose! Those cheeks, that smile! The incredibly mischievous
and beautiful look in her eyes! And those bangs! I love them! Love.....and have a "oops" haircut of my own to tell....from my little one...recently. And, here is to your sister....and a huge hug to you darlin!

Di Overton said...

She still looks SO cute though

Kelly and Kelly said...

hugs & love to you and your family when everything right now feels a little bit more extreme.

Kelly said...

both esme and the purse put a smile on my face. as always. thinking about you and your fam.


sarah said...

i just about died when i saw the minter tote on your blog. i volunteer with Bright Pink in Chicago and i didn't know so many people knew about it. it's so wild. i'm in love.

i love esme in these little babydoll bangs.. it's clear she wants some fringe - this is the 2nd chop she's given herself, yes? it's a sign in many ways.


Joslyn said...

I think esmé's bangs are tres chic. very audrey tatou in amelie.

your sis would be proud.


arollerskatingjam said...

She's so adorable, how could you be mad? And it's practically a right of passage.

Richie Designs said...

Do you think, possibly, because I think this way....
that your sis put her up to it from afar just to give you a giggle? I think so.

very amelie ;)

ZDub said...

I think she looks adorable.

And I will have you know that I had a hairdresser give me those very bangs at the height of the Ally McBeal craze.

I was not part of the craze and I was crazy pissed. :)

caroline duke said...

HA! i know 30 emo girls who wish they could pull off short bangs like that.

good for esme!

Maggie, Dammit said...

Catching up on your last five posts (I'm down with the flu and haven't known my own name for four days now.) I have missed your posts so, that last one particularly slayer me, and I felt like I should say something on this one at least, despite the fever and fumbling iPhone thumbs.

Yes. Proud.


Jill said...

oh goodness she is to eat! adorable. really, truly adorable (zig zag bangs and all)!