16 October 2009

cross my heart and stick a needle...

we were talking about trust the other day...my girlies three and me.

a conversation that occurred directly after one that involved the phrases who spray-painted a fuchsia circle on our house? and an injured, faux-aghast not us! plus one as if! from esmé, who has taken on a valley girl accent since monday. and an if you tell the truth, you'll never be in trouble. and one rather slumped we did it.

because that's the deal in our family. tell the truth, and you'll never be in trouble.

this phrase is often paired with the phrase do you swear on my life? may i die a horrible death if you're lying? and then who will tell you stories at night about my awkward childhood and cuddle with you and keep you safe from child-snatchers and other murdering types? plus then you'll have to tell your babies that you killed your mom.

{like. a. charm.}

i told them how my dad always said that a man really only has one thing in life: his word.

what word? asked lillie.

no. not a word. that he's honest. that he means what he says and says what he means.

in between her giggles, she managed to snort out oh! i thought you meant the word for his privacy!

no. i am frowning now. but seriously trying not to laugh. {who let me be a mom, again? someone really should be held accountable.}

our little chat took a turn that i hadn't anticipated, but by the end of it, we all agreed. yes, it would stink to have our parts hanging out there in the cold...yes, it is so much lovelier to be all tucked neatly inside.

{i. know.}

back to telling the truth. i told them ok. imagine this. here i am. standing in front of you. i tell you i love you. i tell you that i want you to be happy. that the greatest thing i can do for us all is to keep you safe and healthy so that you have the chance to grow strong and share yourself with the world. that i would do anything for you. anything.

they're nodding. i'm nodding.

now. i continued. what if i'm lying about all that? or, worse...what if you just don't believe me?

well. at that, they're off. grae's admitting to at least three as-yet-unseen damages to the house plus something about talking in line at school...

but, lill. she's just looking at me. those chocolate browns of hers all puddled up.

it's like you tell a lie, she said. and you lose everything.

ooh. tomorrow...or next week...remind me to tell them about fibbing. just let me enjoy a lie-free weekend.

last night, i told uncle sugar i wanted to run away. he asked, what's that supposed to mean? it means i am cold. and i want to run away. to the un-cold. i still don't think he knows what that's supposed to mean. maybe i don't, either. all i really know is that i am cold. photos via weheartit.


kathleen said...

i hope the warmth returns soon.

Natalie said...

I am so using your first line about lying. Not that we have a problem right now, but I am certain that there will come a point where I'll need to pull that from my bag o' tricks.

Also, I'm not sure if you are literally or figuratively cold, but according to my ex, Arizona is a heckofa lot like the middle east and he would know since he spent his first twelve years in a place very close to where you were. :) Just sayin'. Maybe it's not as far as it feels.

Richie Designs said...

I think the Marni boots will keep you very warm - don't you think?

karey m. said...

oh, no. my nose is pink. my hands are numb. i keep doing jumping jacks. i am cold.

and arizona sounds fine. send a ticket pronto. xoxo.

Ginger said...

I'm so glad you're writing to us again. I have missed you. I lived in Northern VA years ago, when I couldn't take the hub and bub of the city, I found solace in Manassas Battlefield National Park. Lots of walking room in that park, plenty of space for dogs and girlies to run.

I'm down in Texas now. It's still too warm here to think about fall so I envy you your season.

Kay* said...

oh my gosh you have such a way with words and your girlies say the CUTEST things!

also - you always blog the best photos. i don't know how/where you find them all but i always look forward to seeing them.

melissa loves said...

Okay, I am not saying it is warmer here(it isn't) but, I AM saying that we have a fireplace, cosy blankets, a yummy guest room and tea. So, come on down! Jersey just isn't that far really.....right? :) ( I am not joking) Now, as to how you responded to the lying, I am so with you and love, love, love your response, I have said something very similar myself and it is truth. (word)
Lastly, thank you for your generous comment today, it made my everloving day and from your mouth to whoever's ears. :)

Kim said...

I just discovered you're blogging again!!! YIPEE!!! Always loved your blogging from Amman and look forward to reading more of this new life in northern VA... Welcome back to the US. :)

Brandie said...

You are too sweet to me.

Truly, it's me who is glad you are back!


Krissy said...

these cold photos kinda make me wish it were snowing :)

Anonymous said...

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