11 October 2009

snailing the seven sneeze...

happy columbus day. it's actually columbus day eve, but i know i won't be around tomorrow.

i feel a cold coming on. i should get some sleep, but lill and grae just watched an episode of untold stories of the e.r., and are now in a bit of a state. they were mesmerized. obsessed. and no matter how many times i warned them that this was a nightmare-inducing show and no matter how many times i reminded them that they were not nightmare-loving girlies, i couldn't tear them away from the telly.

it's funny, though. grae was mesmerized for pretty much the same reason uncle sugar would be; they do enjoy the gore. grae, like her dad, smiles for the entire show. i hear oaw! and a major giggle at the grossest parts. it's only later, as soon as she turns back into a little girl, that it hits her...she's a little girl.

but lill is like me. watches with a broken heart, holding her breath until the hopeful ending. just crushed if it never comes.

let's be honest. a guy with an eight-iron through his head? a woman shot in the face? how do you define hopeful ending?

i would so much prefer they watch the latest movie with which esmé's a little obsessed. yeah. she talks about this movie all the time. to us, to strangers, to her best friend tootie...

ALL. THE. TIME. which would be fine if her pronunciation wasn't so painful.

assho boy. coming soon to a theater near esmé.

i thought it only fair to show you my obsessions of late: bone playing cards and marni boots. neither of which are nightmare-inducing whatsoever.


melissa loves said...

*sigh* It is such a fine line isn't it? Being a parent....wanting so much to save them from nightmares and wanting them to be able to experience life. I much prefer the non-nightmare inducing things myself( like those sah-weet boots :) cause I watch with a broken heart as well. I hope esme loves assho boy. :) (hee)

Richie Designs said...

sweeeeet boots!

Dallas Shaw said...

great boots

A-M said...

Oh how kindred! My big boy's favourite show is 'Medical Rookies'... an Aussie doco following poor newbie Dr's in their first year of true gore. Big one feels it's the least he can do at age 11 as he is going to be a 'Cardio Thoracic Surgeon'... he has trouble sleeping afterwards too.. worrying if he will have to do his first operation on his own or "will someone help me through it"... you're 11 son, chill out... go play lego! A-M xx

Anonymous said...

just found your blog. although it doesn't apply to this post....i have been living a similar life to you for the last 10 years (although mainly in asia)...next year we go back to the states for an indefinate period of time....yes.. no maids,no cook no driver...i get it.