02 October 2009


i'm spending the day with esmé.

ignoring three deadlines and a few decisions as a little reward.

because my old lady fairy only woke up once last night. summoned me to her bed without much success, as i was playing hard-to-get. even though i am admittedly pretty easy-to-get.

it wasn't until lill appeared like a disheveled dream wearing a retainer and accompanied by two very. judge-y. dripping with disdain. words: your daughter?

can you just hear her click her tongue? charming.

by the time i reached mémé, she was asleep again. a sight more rare than...a sight more rare? {hmmm. i seem to be missing some words today.}

so. as a reward, we are going to nordstrom. and then we'll pack a few snacks and head to the little creature-filled creeks leading to the potomac, just a tiny trek from our home. hopefully, we'll return from our day together with a new pair of sunglasses and a jar full of slugs and clams.

hope you get a few rewards today, too. catch you later, friends.


Melissa de la Fuente said...

*Sigh* you are SO close....to me, I mean. When, oh when...will you come, with your girlies, and stay? There is plenty of room.....I will give you jewels....I have a dog! What else can I say? :) And I adore Cathy's hearts and everything else she does.
ps no, I am NOT joking(about your visiting)

Laurie said...

This made me immediately want to stitch again and make something this beautiful. I'm not sure it's possible but it at least made me want to try. :)

Relyn said...

Now I need to reward myself. And my little chickadee. I wish I could reward her with a play date with your girlies three. She would so love that. Me, too.

Geisslein said...

LOVE (!!!) these hearts!
Thank you for your lovely comment at my blog, you´ve made my day ;o)

徵信社 said...

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