04 February 2013


the only thing better to me than instagram is a moving instagram. short and sweet and ripe with juicy bits of meant to be forgotten and embarrassing and vertigo-inducing and random albeit sometimes pretty or interesting to one or two people and why bother seconds of our lives.

it is called vine. and i love it. 

i especially love it when i catch a loud indo noon rain and get reminded that my curbs are cute. i forget that too all too often during rainy season.

it's also a nice app to show esmé how there was a year when i let her sleep five extra minutes in the mornings.

my handwriting and horrible mood and also this hedgie of ours.

oh. and the year i bought the girlies three tap shoes. absolutely made for marble floors but not the tile ones in the sunroom that are now skidded silver. lillie and grae have a dance this weekend, and i'm trying to persuade them to bring along their taps. i figure it could buy me at least one more year of no dating, yes?

related: when we lived in jordan, there was a dance studio right by our place. i wanted the girlies two to turn out just. like. me. and so i signed them up for tap. pat suggested "how about latin instead?" to which i answered "that's boring! tap is so happy!"

to which he answered "let me see what you remember from your years of tap."

if i remember correctly, my routine looked a lot like this.

and that is why the girlies two took latin. but as you can see, despite all efforts to the contrary, they turned out just. like. me.


Richie Designs said...

It's such magic that I get to see you guys in moving images now...half way around the world. love it!

so genki said...

i hope that you know how much you make people smile when your posts pop up. x

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

almost dropped my iPad when i saw a new karey post on my flipboard! made my day!

Christine... said...

more vines pretty please...

leigh said...

I hope you and the family are all doing well. I've been checking in on you now and then to see if you've posted. I have been missing your words - they always feel like a bit of a hug from a godd friend.
All the best.

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