08 November 2012

down to earth

whenever anyone pre-introduces me to someone i'm sure to like, they seem to always use some form of the phrase "you're going to love her. she's so down to earth."

and when this happens, i seem to always make a grimace.

down to earth. in my head, those words make it sound like you've no more drowning in the clouds dreams. you've no more ideas that bump into the moon in the middle of the night. there'll be no more reapplying lipstick in the reflection of a star. no more tripping over fireworks in july. no more dipping your quill in the inked sky and writing a new world for yourself.

i hope the thought of me never evokes those words. down to earth. because that might be worse than the time someone suggested i shop at a tranny store for cute man-sized heels.


Anonymous said...

When hearing (and often using) that phrase, I've never interpreted it that way. I see it as being genuine, unpretentious, and sincere. Which, I think maybe you are.

(But your earth is always extra sparkly. ;-))

supreme courtney said...

I think it's a way for peeps without your eloquent abilities to say awesome. But I live in L A... And "down to earth" goes a long way...You are magical.

TX Girl said...

This was really lovely.

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

I always thought the same as Anonymous. I always imagine people that I feel instantly at home with. Interesting, generous people that never make other people feel less than. Of the Earth. Like magic Mother Nature. But I adore your writing and whatever inspires your words is good by me!

kate said...

This post...be still my heart. You've SUCH a way with words.