05 November 2012


in no particular order.

i wore an ancient david meister dress (this one, in fact) to the marine ball this weekend. upon our arrival, i realized that jakarta is a leetle more buttoned up bridesmaid dress than anywhere we've been in the middle east. translated, this means i showed a touch more boobie than i probably should've. 

pat claims that this is an impossibility.

and then someone told me they might be moving to someplace-in-india. to which i blurted out, "ugh!" straight before i even thought about what i was blurting out. the general rule in these parts is to smile and gasp when someone tells you where they may be posted next, and tell a story about someone you know who lived there and loved it. for some stupid reason, all i could come up with was, "i had a friend who lived there!" and then i think i said something about toilet paper and bodily functions of train riders.

it was just...painful. i am better at this than that.

and when this newish acquaintance (who i adore) caught sight of pat's colleague's wife standing next to me, she innocently asked, "oh! is this your daughter?"

later, i said to pat, "i mean! she's brazilian! how could she be my daughter?"

he thinks i missed the point.

oh, i hope you were fools this weekend, too.


krista said...

i just now figured out that you guys are 'stationed' places. i wondered, at times, if your uncle sugar was a modern man of mystery, traveling the globe with this brood in tow, single-handedly bringing down arms traders and sipping martinis in linen trousers. a cigar dangling from his fingers. i suppose being a marine is sort of the same thing.

i totally just outed myself as being fangirly, didn't i?
yes, the fool.

karey m. said...

ohmygosh! krista! that boy is NOT a marine! far from it!

but he DOES wear linen on the weekends, so there's that!


krista said...

i heard 'marine ball' and assumed. that's what i get for hearing with my eyeballs.
i'm back to my original theory then. international man of mystery. in the truest sense of the word.
but, really? what does he do that ya'll travel so much. cause i need to get a piece of that, methinks.

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

that dress. wow.

you were the belle of the ball. good for you for giving all those buttoned up frock gals something to talk about. as mcdreamy always says, "don't hide it if it's perfection". he's a good one too...like your pat {my ongoing visual of uncle sugar is him in linen, sipping espresso with a proud smirk on his face as he gazes at his 4 girlies}.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Krista! I also thought I had figured out the new, exotic places by assuming Uncle Sugar is a Marine! -Amanda

Christine... said...

I am laughing so hard Todd thinks I've lost it.
i can picture the entire scene...

Anonymous said...

been there. so many times. and will probably soon be again :)

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

I bet you were smokin hot.

A said...

I am also that person - someone says "Oh we are going to Libreville! yay!" and I cannot think of anything at all to say and think "You are going to hate it lady!"