28 March 2012


pat's back home, so this past weekend was spent mostly soaking him up and getting accustomed to having a boy in the house once again. that just usually involves less nudity and less ice cream.

on saturday morning, we woke up to a strange smell. esmé and i looked at each other with the exact same whaaa? look on our faces.

what is that smell? she asked. not a clue, i answered.

grae walked by us in a hurry to get downstairs, and shot a frown at us.

it's food.

oh, yes. that again.

did i ever tell you that my grandma used to make us pancakes in the shape of turtles or men riding bicycles or storm clouds or cars? they all looked like circles, i think, but the point was that she was trying. that was a lovely gift that i appreciate more now than i probably did then. isn't that always the way? elephant pancake here.


leigh said...

glad that uncle sugar is back to feed you all ;)

missed you.

Ana Degenaar said...

Emma asks for pancakes every single morning. I wish I had the energy for that but I don't so I award her with a big-mama breakfast once a week. giggles.

billy said...

Phew! you are here.
I brought eggs and milk and he brought eggs and milk. There is only one thing to do. xx

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

why have i never learned to make elephant pancakes? maybe i'll try giraffes -- they're my favorites.

must be so good to have pat home again.

Mona - juegos gratis said...

mmm!!! good... delicius!