03 February 2012

the other side...

this day is about to turn into a late afternoon and early evening of intense madness. my stress levels were freaking out a little until until until i came across a few drawings by esmé.

are you sick of hearing esmé escapades? i understand if you are. but, man. i will never tire of writing them down.

ever since we saw da vinci's ginevra de' benci - the only da vinci in the western hemisphere and it's hanging in our museum! and i just edited out a what now, complete with shout-out pose. and then i thought better of that edit. - she's been drawing on both sides of her papers.

a front view and a back view.

i find this fascinating. marvelous. interesting. brilliant. badass.

and it's amazing to me how excruciatingly different the same scene looks. it's like the difference between hello and goodbye, one of which i avoid like the plague. it breaks my heart too hard. does that even make sense?

if there's a point to this, it's that i'm going to look at my late afternoon and early evening of intense madness from my girlies' view. which turns it all straight-away into a few hours of wonderful.

hope you have a sweetheart of a weekend, you little sweethearts. from any view. xoxo. here and here.


melissa loves said...

It is brilliant. I am going to look at mine exactly the same way.

Ana Degenaar said...

Such great advise. I myself freaking out a lot lately. Have a wonderful weekend, darling. xx

Kelly Utah said...

could never tire of esmé escapades. never ever.

ginevra said...

that's the Ginevra I'm named for! And always, always, Esme escapades. I caught myself this weekend saying "my girlies two" and thought of you. Synchronicity.

karey m. said...

GINEVRA! I JUST GOT CHILLS UP AND DOWN! serendipity. love it.

ginevra said...

She's a lovely, isn't she? The Mister took a photo of me in front of her last year, making her same sullen teenager-face. My parents saw the Ginevra when they were dating, and decided that'd be my name should they ever have a daughter. (FWIW, they've also always loved the name Esmé, too. Good taste, those two.)

Ana Degenaar said...

Are you ok? Where are you? I miss you.

la la Lovely said...

Esme knows there is always something more than what you initially see. And yes, goodbyes, always break the heart. Even if they are not a forever goodbyes.
Miss your posts this week!

the lil bee said...

Reading all your old posts and, as you know, simultaneously DMing and emailing you, too. I am a modern day stalker.

This one, though. Seriously. Fascinating and brilliant from all directions.