14 February 2012

i couldn't choose...

sending wishes you've found a forever love, or hopefully will tomorrow. doesn't matter when, i guess. just make sure you cross it off your list at some point.

also not to be discounted is a healthy side of thug-lite in the ones you love. keeps things interesting. unless you're at a lacrosse match and two of yours are holding sticks.

happy day, friends. and now, i must go check on esmé's hard-boileds. they're probably done because my little kitchen timer has just asked the question that precedes a mini explosion or petite fire.

"what's with the popping?"

gimme. gimme.


Ana Degenaar said...

I missed you! ... And Esme... And everyone. I hope you're doing great. Have a fabulous day with those who love you most. xo

Erin O. said...

So few words, so much funny imagery.