05 January 2012


yes, instragram. i don't know how to use it and it seems silly to me but i am such a screamingly visual person that it seems sillier that i not try it out. so i am.

here is my new bauble tree. it's massive and it catches the light so captivatingly in the mornings that i gasp. and i don't even mind that captivatingly is not a word. it should be.

i wish i was a photographer. i do. so does uncle sugar. one christmas in london, he bought me a fancy camera. when he gave it to me, he said something like "now you can be one of those cute ladies who walks around with a camera and takes pictures all the time."

i remember telling him a few minutes later - just after i whipped off the camera strap from around my neck because i thought it was choking the life out of me. i'm claustrophic like that, you know. - that i take better pictures with my words. and that i'd prefer to just look at things hard and write them in my memory. that if he ever wanted to revisit a particular holiday or one of the girlies' sporting events, just ask. i'll tell him the story. heck, i'll even re-enact it as best i can.


yep. that was a good christmas memory. if you'd like, i can re-enact the look of disgust and disappointment on that guy's face. let me know. because there's no photo.

p.s. and here is my little disco ball.


Emily said...

Ooh, but I am coveting that tree. Is it real tree? Was planning to try to craft myself one of those this week, but wonder if I can just find one like yours and save us all the trouble?
p.s. boys are funny with their presents they think you'll love. Ha!

karey m. said...

oh, man! buy it instead!

i got mine here and i LOVE it!



Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

Ooh I just got some antlers I plan to use as a bauble tree. (by-product of the food industry I'm suuuure)

Should brush up on my theater skills because I'm clearly not getting any better at photography.

liz said...

ha! when someone says, "we should take a picture!" i always say, "its here (point to head) and here (point to heart)"
i am so bad at taking pictures! enter 2012 resolutions!

Mallory Nickels said...

I think if you just practice with instagram a little you'll get used to it. And then you'll love it. I love being able to follow people (KateSpadeNY for example!) and see what they see throughout the day!

Kate said...

Instagram seems so cool! If my phone could do it I would totally use it. I don't blame you though, I've turned into a little bit of a shutter bug but even I can admit that sometimes I feel like a stalker with my big clunky camera hanging around my neck. And I'm probably missing some of the important details that you catch and write about later!

Amie aka Mammaloves said...

My bauble branches--well one fell off the wall. So sad.

And as for your pics...I think you're a photographer too.

beth said...

instagram is cool....but only about once a week. maybe twice. too much and my head explodes, but i'm soft like that.

you can find me at buffymac.....i think that's my name on there. see. how stupid that i don't even know who i am there. so sad.

viv said...

Manzanita trees are the best...they sturdy enough to hold chunky necklaces. I am better with the camera than with words...btw, cute disco ball : )

simplygrove said...

You are the best...

Richie Designs said...

umm, that disco ball of yours? - that makes you a photographer instantly.

brilliant {as in photo}

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