21 December 2011


there are people out there who you might not know that well and you might not see them so often and you probably don't even know their circumstances yet - which is kind of my new word because i feel like we all need circumstances to carry along with us so we can explain ourselves away a little better straight-away, like those people who wear the goofy tees like i'm with stupid or like the girl in lillie's pe class who wears thongs with questions on them, which leads me to worry incessantly about her circumstances, but that's not a story for today. - but it all melts down in your heart to one thought: i like that person.

here's the thing about melissa. i like that person. and when she asked if i'd write a little something for her, i said yes. and then i did a crap job with the writing part.

but here's the thing about melissa. she told me it was perfect. that it made her heart flutter. and i believed her.

i like that person very much.

my gimme bar is so much fun. you can look at all of my gimmes if you click on that hot pink positive on my sidebar.


Caroline said...

it was the perfect post to wrap a year of wishes and think about the promises 2012 holds! your writing is such a gift.

happy holidays to you and yours! xo, caroline

Cathi said...

I read your words over at Melissas place and it gave me the chills, so I'd say it was just perfect. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday!

melissa loves said...

I like her too & I like you. Ok, more than that...I adore you both. However, I read your words and were most decidedly NOT crap. so...there.
ps are you going to alt? please say you are and please tell me that you already bought something non-white for the party and now that they have said it is an all white party you are screwed like I am? :)

Sugar & Plums said...

Oh, I'm going over to read right now. I'm having coffee and somehow it feels like maybe we are having coffee together.
I love that you do Gimme Bar and not Pinterest. You are so cool like that. I'm going to look all around on my very long drive to Georgia. And I'll probably end up pinning most of your stuff because I already know I'll like it so much!
Have a lovely Christmas with your lovelies, Karey!

Estelle said...

Melissa is the best and so are you. Your words were perfection - as they always are. Seriously.