04 November 2011

backyard bill...

still killing it. family style.

for some reason, i've been using the words kickass and badass a lot lately. i think that's a sign that things are coming along quite nicely.

in other news, my sister wrote me a mail this morning that made my day. it read, in part, "if you ever killed someone, i'd go on dateline and say you didn't do it."

i hope you have someone who'd lie like that for you. i seriously do. xoxo and have a badass weekend, you little kickass sweethearts.


la la Lovely said...

How do you find these sites.. I mean really... 2 awesome sites from you this week! ahh. I'm cracking up about the whole dateline bit. love.
you have a badass weekend too...you deserve it because you are totally a badass sweetheart!
xo la la

melissa loves said...

I hope you have a badass weekend too my darlin! I plan to. :) Uh, and the families in these pics? Could they be any cooler? I don't think I am even cool enough to be looking at the pics. sigh.

Joslyn said...

i love this post...and for the record i'd do that for you...just sayin.

Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

hahaha i love this. off to check out that site!

the lil bee said...

Saw Elle Strauss and had to click over. She's my girl crush and holy eff, that site is badass and kickass, if I do say so myself. Yowza.

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