27 September 2011


smack in the middle of buying a million for our last birthday girlie of the month. phrew.

in two days, she'll be six. or, as she likes to say it, half of my gracie.

i showed this to the girlies last night, and they're considering it for next year. i'm considering it for a random day in october.

nothing else is new, i guess. except that i stayed up with lillie kate until eleven last night, working on her application for america's got talent. she's not exactly sure of what her act will be. she just knows she has talent.

the introvert in me is dying a little. a lot a little.

but someday, in some interview, someone's going to ask her if her parents were supportive of her art. her craft. her talent.

and i want her to be able to say yes.

someone someday is also going to ask esmé about one of the worst mornings of her life. and she may remember this one. the day she dumped electric blue nail polish in the guest bath toilet. i smell like equal parts polish remover and irate. this is not my usual scent. sweet tuesday to you, you little sweethearts. xoxo.


Ana Degenaar said...

I loved this post. I wish my Emma can some day say I was supportive of her talents. Whatever those are. So far she can eat 2 packs of noodle soup by herself. I support that.

Richie Designs said...

love that video, but then again I'm teary at most everything these days.

I think it's awesome that you helped her with her application. My parents didn't not support me but they didn't really do anything to encourage me either.

how does one remove nail polish from a toilet? at least she wanted the bowl to be sparkily ;)

Ginger said...

My girl turns 10 on Friday. I'll be sharing this lovely video with her when she gets home from school. Thank you for the gift of perspective, you are a wonder.

Mamma said...

I love them. Just love them. Blue nail polish and all.

melissa loves said...

Ah, gah.....that video is so sweet and divine. And your little one's bday as well AND her wanting to sign up for AMerica's got talent! The balls that takes! I LOVE it! I know I would die a little if my girls wanted to do that, only because I would be so afraid for them, right? I know. And the blue nail polish....well, I know that too. Except, for me, for the past week...it has been small dog poo. everywhere. yes, you heard me. sigh....even little dogs have stomach problems too sometimes. I don't think AMerica's got talent wants HER on their show, though. :)