15 July 2011


we were talking about kiwis on our way to this place, and esmé piped in from the back "they are a flightless bird from new zealand. i bet that would make them easy to catch."

everyone always wants to catch something that shouldn't be caught, don't they?

so flightless birds have been on a certain little's mind, which naturally brought us to dodos. this morning, the very first thing she said upon waking was "but why did all the dodos die?"

"i guess they just didn't have enough babies to keep them alive," i thought, probably incorrectly, but who's going to wiki me and prove it? oh, the joy of having a late-reader.

she thought about that, and then asked "babies keep you alive?"

and i sat there for a second or two, trying to blink away the puddles forming in my blues. because, yes. i think i believe that with my whole heart and all the hearts i've made.

babies keep you alive.

have a sweet weekend, you little sweethearts. images from here and here. doesn't that second one hit you in the gut? mad truth, yes?


katie said...

it hits me in the gut, in the teeth, and in both eyes.
beautiful lovely karey.

ZDub said...

Right in the heart.


melissa loves said...

MAD truth. Babies keep you alive. Word. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and give those girlies 3 squeezes for me, will ya?

Carla said...

So very true. Made me smile =)