02 June 2011

just an accident...

so. esmé and i are fine and everything's fine. we just got into a little car accident yesterday.

see how i did that? important stuff first. minor details second. it's a lesson i learned after i sent a faraway mail to uncle sugar yesterday, when the subject line read esmé and i just got into a huge car accident and we're going to the hospital now!

and then on the inside, i put all the i think we're going to be fine...there's not much blood details.

anyway. from what i can piece together, esmé and i were listening to pitbull one minute and then getting blindsided the next by a guy whose brakes apparently didn't work the way brakes should at, say, a stop light. the entire driver's side of our car is smashed.

i couldn't care less about the car.

aside from a lump on esmé's little forehead and a little fracture in my nose and a black eye and a bruised-up arm, we're doing well. can't stop misting up whenever we look at each other, but we're doing well.

uncle sugar, on the other hand, is an absolute wreck. i so wish i could let you read his mail back to me after about a million phone calls. let me see if i can find some nice parts...hmmm...how about this: i want to rip that mothertrucker's {my edit and the term he used back when he was an angry eight.} head off. find out where he lives. i want to talk to him. no, wait. this is sweet: he'll need to pay for all medical. and damages. and my anger. or this: i want to send gracie over to slit his throat.

excuse me while i wipe a tear.

if i think about it...really think about it...i start crying. and i can't get esmé's face in my rear view mirror out of my eyes. i see it non-stop. i can't breathe when i think of how our story could've ended. and to tell you i'm grateful that our injuries aren't major and game-changing and devastating? i need to make up a new word because that one doesn't begin to cover it.

poor thing keeps looking at me and fake-smiling so i won't notice all her tears piling up in her big blues. she keeps repeating my words right back at me: we're fine. we still have each other. i'm so glad we still have each other.

note: if you talk to her and she mentions anything about a big fat jackass dummy too busy talking on the phone to be bothered with brakes and red lights...well...i don't know whose words those are. we can blame uncle sugar. except we all know he uses much more colorful language.

catch you later. cutie pics because my ray-bans got smashed and i miss them already. also, that second pic makes me smile. i need a smile. say nice things to anyone you like. it's better that way. just in case. and i really am fine. especially since the doctors told me i'd for sure be sore today and a few after this; you know i'm just passive-aggro enough to prove them wrong, yes? so weird. xoxo.


Mary said...

Oh my gosh I'm so glad you're okay! I got into an accident when I was young (9 I think) with my mom and sister, and I still remember it so vividly. Thankfully we were all just fine, as you are. But it still leaves a mark.

Ana Degenaar said...

I am so happy you are ok. I'll be crying for my ray-bans but laughing at Uncle Sugar's remarks. Genius.

My daughter and I got in a similar accident and Oh my! It was a guy talking on the phone, I did literally wanted to slit his whatever. I can't believe people are so reckless, uhm! Maybe checking your breaks once in a while would help. Yes.

Anyway. Hope you feel better soon, dear!


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

oh my goodness! I am so glad you are okay. (uncle sugar is cracking me up a little.)

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

karey, i'm so glad the two of you are okay! even if you are a little bruised and broken here and there. i was seriously scared reading this post. take it easy the next few days. i'm sure you'll be counting your blessings -- you always do.

Boston Mamas said...

Gah! Sending healing hugs friend.

Sherry said...

Oh my JEEZ-ez!! I'm so glad you are fine. I was actually wondering where you were and hoping you were at the beach instead of losing sunglasses and bruising your colorful wrists. Hug each other all day today---it is so good to have each other :) Take care of yourself.

leigh said...

Thank goodness you and esmé are alright! Car accidents are hard to recover from even with no injuries. A huge hug for the both of you.

Shannon said...

Sweet mother....what the heck! I cannot stand those mothertruckers who have more important things to do instead of driving when they are oh...DRIVING!!! I am so glad you and the e are ok, I am so glad we still have you with us. Take care the sore days are ahead, prove 'em wrong but take it easy.


NADYNE K. said...

"dear universe, thank you for keeping your watchful eye on karey and her little one. i know that you will continue to do so and i thank you, in advance, for that too. your friend, nadyne"

Robin said...

Thank goodness you are all ok!
I love both of those photos.

lisa m said...

So grateful you two precious girls are ok.

And Kathleen said...

Gah! I'm so glad you two are okay.


Caroline said...

I'm pretty sure your man Uncle Sugar has covered all of the 'colorful words' I'm wanting to type. So very glad you're both okay! xo

Kristy said...

Karey! You poor dears. I'm so glad you're both okay. (That Uncle Sugar sure does make me laugh, even when Big Scary Things have happened.)

Sending you & Esmé big, gentle hugs. xoxoxo

emily b. said...

oh goodness...i am so so so glad you and your girlie are okay.

oh goodness....

xoxo, emily b.

Katie said...

I'm so glad you're okay!
I got hit by a lady who ran a red light once. It's terrifying. There's no word for the gratefulness you feel to be okay except maybe Thank God, and that's two words. I hope you two get to feeling better and that that other driver learns to be more careful.

krista said...

gutted. on his phone and running a red light. he should be gutted.

i remember one near miss i had recently. backing out of a driveway at my work with my man and baby in the car. some truckmother FLIES by in his dumbass lowered spinning rim coupe and i see him coming and my voice panics and i grab the glove compartment and let out a weird little wail. bryan slams on the brakes because of me and the guy misses hitting the backside of our car with finn in it by about two inches. he doesn't even stop. i still see it sometimes. it took me days to exhale again.
(and i had my own version of uncle sugar - times two. first, bryan, of course. and then the lovely ups driver who was unloading a van right there in the street. he screamed some gorgeous obscenities at that mothertrucking coupe.)
all this to say.
i'm so glad you're okay.
mother. truckers.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you are ok! Car accidents are so, so scary. We were rear-ended in October and I was shaken up for forever nearly.

c.bean said...

I came here yesterday seeking relief, diversion... only to find you hadn't checked in. I had no idea you were going through a near disaster! good grief. I'm greatly relieved that you and your sweet babe haven't suffered any permanent damage.

if I had known that it was going to be such a crap, bad news kind of day yesterday (in my world, anyway)... I wouldn't have left the bed... and I would have instructed everyone to stay put, just in case.

take care of your wounds, soothe those aches, and stay close to your lovelies.

Richie Designs said...

ahhh! so glad you're both ok.

and I want to rip out the mothertruckers parts too! how DARE he

kate said...

AH! So happy that you are both okay! My husband got hit by a guy fleeing from the cops in a high speed chase in LA on Friday and thankfully he is okay except for some bruises but man do I know what it's like to want to tear some idiot apart. That Esme sounds like one tough cookie, just like her mama.

anne said...

i love that you and esme are ok. i really love uncle sugar's reaction to the jerk on the phone with the jankety brakes. i really really love the way your family has with swear words.

lots of x's and o's to you and esme.

megan said...

so glad you're both ok.

Simone said...

Oh my. So glad that you too are okay. What a horrible horrible experience. I am sorry....hope your little girl is coping okay :(

Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left for me....you made me smile. And that was a good thing :)

Take care :)

Jill said...

oh the scary-ness of it all! so glad all is ok ... so love how uncle sugar protects his little ladies even from far, far away ...

la la Lovely said...

oh me oh my I saw all this twitter chatter and headed right over. So sorry. What a horrible thing to go through... poor sweet Esme. Sooooooo glad you are all ok and I hope Uncle Sugar is returning soon to take care of you two! Big hugs and kisses!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

every expletive that has ever passed my lips might have just poured from my tongue. my heart stopped.

damn phones should be banned from cars period.

oh sweet esme and her fragile little heart ~ scared. and you, everything so out of your control and not deserved. soooo sorry. but so glad your both breathing, at home, and 'okay'.

Heather Innusa said...

Good Lord! Stinkin’ Mothertrucker... Thanking God both your blues {well... all four, I mean} are ok!!!

Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

'mothertrucker' - couldn't have said it better myself. sending you kisses and hugs across the oceans xxx

the lil bee said...

I really can't imagine. I'm so thankful you're OK. Also, I could slice that mothertrucker's throat. And Devon gives a NASTY look when she wants to, so we could send her over to give him a piece of HER mind, too.

Seriously though, I'm sending you a big hug. I know you must've been terrified. XOXOXO

katie said...

aaaaack!! these entitled a-holes driving around on their phones taking our beloveds into harms way.
grrrrrrrrrrrr. that image of your little tulip grinding out a smile to her mama makes me want to hunt down that turkey.

beth said...

you are both so lucky. car accidents are really scary.

8 years ago i was in one. hit by a policeman. flying on back roads to a "domestic abuse" call with no lights or siren on. hit me on the drivers side, closer to the front of the car so that he missed my door. he left me flying threw the intersection, no longer with brakes and ending up in the front yard of a house. his tire's hubcap was embedded into the side of my car. needless to say, he looked like an idiot.

neither of us were hurt, but my car was totaled. he probably got demoted.

again, thank god you're both okay !!!

Callie Grayson said...

Oh no!!! Completely scary! I am really glad you both are ok.
Xx callie

Kerry said...

Holy cow. My hands got sweaty for you just reading about it. I think about potential car wrecks and my beautiful darking boys sitting in the backseat, so close to the cardoors, and what if...? And it's just too much.

Glad you and your daughter are OK.

Aunt LoLo said...

OH, Miss Mackin. Oh, oh, oh. This brings back memories. Hubs left for work, I'm home (pregnant) with the three year old. A phone call where all I hear is my husband saying, 'it's ok...i'm alright' and the sound of a girl sobbing. Calling a neighbor to watch the girlie and dashing off. When the girl saw me, the pregnant wife, she burst into tears all over again at the thought of what COULD have happened to this SOON TO BE father. (She was 16, and her license was less than two weeks old. She slid on a turn and her feet found the gas instead of the brakes. Both cars were totaled, and both drivers were fine.)

Memories of traffic accidents never really die, do they? They just get glossier.

Big hugs to you and your girlies.

melissa loves said...

Oh god.....I feel horrible that I am just seeing this now. How could I not know that one of my dearest favorites was hurt and hurting? Saying that I am so incredibly grateful and joyful that you are both okay doesn't quite cut it but, you know I mean it from the bottom of my late old heart. Thank GOD. Seriously. I know what you mean, replaying her sweet little face in the rear view over and over. Listen, if Uncle Sugar wants help kicking some ass all over the place....I'll be right over. you know it.

elisabeth said...

I've been out in the world and away from the internets, so I'm just seeing this now. I'm so, so sorry you had an unfortunate encounter with one of those jerky red light runners. I mean really--those lights aren't just a suggestion! I hope the soreness and the scary memories both wear off soon. Hugs to all of you! xoxo

susan said so said...

OH NO! I'm just now seeing this and feeling a little catch in my throat and prickly tears behind my eyes - SO glad you're okay!

My 80 yr old mother and 28 year old daughter have both reminded me recently that Life. Is. Short. And you know, even the looooongest ones are short.

Glad yours and your's are ok, all of you. Hugs, love, and yes, let's all be nice to each other all the time just in case. Because - well, you know. BECAUSE.


Kayla Poole said...

catching up, just reading this now. yikes! so glad you both are okay. I know firsthand how scary car accidents are. xo.

erin / dfm said...

just caught this --- oh, love. i'm so, so happy you're ok. and gosh, it's times like these i wish you weren't such a brilliant writer.


Thao Cantu said...

I know it's been a while, but boy, that driver is really annoying. He should at least got off his car and asked if you were okay. But in return, he gave you some nasty words and left just like that! Anyway, I wish you're doing fine now and able to move on.


Maggie Malone said...

That’s right, Thao! The offender should have, at least, consider assuming full responsibility since he’s the one at fault. We cannot move on from something if we just keep throwing the blame around.

Maggie @Mastragelo Law Offices

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