01 April 2011

i'mma stand out...

i'm ordering this paint today for a cool wall in our kitchen. sweet tangerine, if you'd like to know.

and then i'm writing these kickass words on it. i swear, they should be tattooed on my girlies three.

i worry my head off when other girls are...well...girlish with them. you know the deal with girls. most aren't cool until they're where you and i probably are right now.

but it's mid-boggling to me...dizzying, really...that my girlies don't really care. they shrug it off. they've stopped apologizing. they don't obsess over why is that girl whispering about me? or why isn't she talking to me today? they simply don't. they don't try to fit in.

they just are.

i remember someone asking a question at alt summit about what i would do with rude commenters. i thought i'd probably apologize for them not liking me until they loved me or were utterly fright-fested of me. whatever. either way, the rude would be gone. it's kind of a problem.

i told lill and grae last night that they're already cooler than i'll ever be. that's probably the most right thing i've said all week.

my new obsession is this. have a sweetheart of a weekend, you little sweethearts. xoxo.


Kelly said...

it's all because you taught them to be that way. xo

And Kathleen said...

12 year old me would kill to be friends with your girls.

I was teased relentlessly as a kid. A lot of the time boys were the culprit and I can guarantee it's not because they actually liked me - but either way - they're cruelty was unacceptable. I found a group of strong like-minded, creative girls and together we were a force to be reckoned with. And with that to this day I still don't understand the "most girls suck" attitude. Of course there are going to be insecure, shitty girls (and boys) out there but I hope that yours can weed them out and find the amazing ones, even as kids, to bond with.

And Kathleen said...

Oops! They're = their.

raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious!} said...

I LOVE THIS. i know you're shocked.

raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious!} said...

I LOVE THIS. i know you're shocked.

anne said...

you, miss karey are magical. as are your girlies.

sometimes i wish that i could go back and tell my 12 year old self (hell, even my 18 year old self!) how great things would be and not to mind other's meanness.

xoxo and happy friday!

la la Lovely said...

I'm trying to figure this all out with just one girly. And I'm not quite sure how to go about it. I don't really remember caring so much in 2nd grade. This all starts way too early these days, doesn't it? So any pointers... send them my way. I love that your girls are like "whatev"!
Have a happy weekend!
xx Trina

Anonymous said...

i adore the way you raise your daughters. i am expecting my first baby (a girl!) in a few weeks & get so excited everytime i read your blog! thank-you for sharing! i have to say... i love your daughgters' names. i have been a huge fan of esme for a long time, but my husband is trying to veto it. do you have any other lovely girl name suggestions?

Anonymous said...

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