10 March 2011

thank you...

such a big old drain of a week. do you ever have those?

i'm a smidge dizzy with lots of fun freelance work slid in between my girlies three and their jam-packed little lives, and all the rest of the stuff that fills us all up.

i have to tell you, though, your comments from the other day...all week, really, between grae-girl's essay and lillie's bad day with girls who chew with their mouths open...really made me again.

does that make sense?

for a minute or two, i wasn't me. like, if i were blue, i'd be navy and not my usual turquoise. if i were the windows along the back of my house, i'd be smudged with jerk fingerprints. if i were a cloud above you, grab your brelly. my smiles were suspect and didn't match the glare in my eye. or maybe they did. and maybe that was the problem.

it probably doesn't make sense. but here's what i want you to know: you are very nice to me. and i appreciate the heck out of you.

sometimes i want to erase mackin ink. start fresh. or just don't start again at all. especially when the sun's shining. but then i think...whatever would i do without you?

no amount of sunshine could take your place. just couldn't.

the other day, grae was home sick and went with me to bring esmé to school. the head of the school stands out front and greets all the babes, but can i tell you that when she sees esmé? it all stops. they hug, they compliment each other, they hug again...it's love. it really is.

so mémé's telling grae "my principal's gonna hug me. don't worry. you'll see. she just loves me so hard."

that feeling? that's what i'm trying to send you right now.

xoxo and happy weekend. photos found here and here.


Carla said...

I think that's how we all feel about you =) BTW I told my hubby the story about your girlie & the crappy bully-ish girl who just couldn't appreciate sequins. He was all "That's what I'm talking about!" regarding your babe's response. So, if you ever have the time, he'd appreciate a parenting lesson on how we can get our girls to be so whip smart =)

Emily said...

ok, can i ask a silly question?

is it ezMAY or ezMEE or essmeh...or what? because the way i say it in my head might be different than how you say it.

it's a beautiful name regardless, of course, but i just need to know!!!

she seems so neat, for real. you all do :)

Mallory said...

Please, please don't erase Mackin Ink! In fact, if anything, you should start another- Mackin Ink: The Sequal (but also keep the original!). This morning I opend a fresh page to write a new post and I had NO WORDS. NONE. Then I saw that you had a new post and knew that if I read it I'd be inspired. I did and I was. Please don't kill it! My blog (and perhaps my sanity?) depend on your updates!

karey m. said...

carla...i'm also floored by her response! she killed that one, yes? i wish i were so cool under presh.

emily...it's ESSmay. she calls herself maymay, but is now telling us she wants just may. i like the accent. i think it makes her mysterious. also, that's why i sometimes hate meeting people i only know via print! because i ALWAYS mispronounce their names in my head!

mallory...you're funny! i won't end until i have something new just for you to read! deal? xo

kate said...

Yes, don't ever leave us!
So happy you're feeling more like you, now go out and enjoy your weekend.

bink and boo said...

I am wishing you endless sunshine where it matters most,the heart. Hugs,

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

glad you've found some floatation back in your gills darl. sounds like a week. it is flipping hard when you feel like people are messing with your kids isnt it. i have an issue with "dad's girlfriend" going on in our house - dont know how to play that one. but i think i'll take a leaf, no, a couple of chapters, from your girlies book and straighten up.

i thnk you're doing an amazing job - those 3 wouldnt be who they are if you weren't. and they're fierce!

big love x

melissa loves said...

"loves me so hard" ......
that leaves me speechless, it really does.
and brought tears to my eyes....and made my nose smart and my throat constrict.
ya know?
cause I want my girls to always feel that kind of love from me. always.
and please don't ever hit erase....pretty please?

Jeanneoli said...

You are the best mommy!!!