16 March 2011


i was in a really happy mood when i wrote this.

i think it has something to do with that little sprite of a marta. i do enjoy the marta.

also. my answer for the most recent rad thing i've found online sounds a little old lady to me, in retrospect. i could try to impress you now with something way radder, but i haven't been online as much as usual these days. i told you i've been trying to add content to my life, and it's working. i'm feeling a leetle smarter, more well-rounded and active, and not as creepy internet girl.

does that make sense? say yes to me. and please visit marta, will you? she's a little-letter lady, too. happy balloon found right here.


raleigh-elizabeth {bunnyvictorious!} said...

i think the thing that makes me happiest of that is that you re-arrange a lot too. i think a freshened home is a healthy home. it just brings in so much new air to move things around!

Richie Designs said...

I may be broke but I'm not giving up my housecleaner..in fact she's coming today and I can't wait...is that bad? she does it so much better than I ever do it.

also, I was also feeling like creepy twitter girl lately I had to get off a few days. the folks who do it all day everyday? dunno how they do it.

I'm still stuck in my office though making damn cutting paths around tshirts for a client for the next few days. hence my break to come read YOU. because I'm going mad.

ps I'm going to hear Dr. Maya Angelou speak tonight at UCLA talk about WORDS? she gives mad word. can't wait

karey m. said...

bunny...i love you. richie, you too.

also. i saw maya angelou in the airport once and she was a giant. i was all buh buh buh buh. she is king, for sure. i'm jealous you're going. have a blast and tell me all about it, will you? xoxo

marta said...

loved your answers, karey. thanks again for guest posting!! even though i'm on vacay i busted out my sister's laptop so i could check your answers and have her swoon over you. so happy to know the karey. xoxo.

Fern and Feather said...

you are so funny.... never a creepy internet girl!!

so glad less computer is 'working'...

I love to unplug.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

karey, i'm sort of wild about your guest post. okay, remove that "sort of". and i can't blame your rad online find. i'm crushing on an farmer's egg crate of all things right now. we all have our moments.

also i'm not sure why i don't read martha writes but that's changing now.

melissa loves said...

But, I don't think it was old ladyish at all! ( but, is that cause I AM an old lady?) :) I think it is TOTALLY rad! And now, am coveting one! so there. Also, your 15 answers were THE best. It makes me adore you even more, which I really didn't think was possible. so there...too.

Jen said...

hell yes!

Relyn said...

I loved you over at Marta's. Then I got lost for an hour at her place. I hadn't been in too long. Thanks.

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