28 January 2011


i have so many friends i found at alt summit that i want to share with you, but.

can i just write but and you'll know what i mean? i just met too many who mattered. and then what if i forget one in my summary? that would be a bad.

let me try, though. if i get overwhelmed, i'm just going to stop. is this okay? say yes.

so i walked into the lobby of the grand america to a sea of smiling faces. best. employees. ever.

after i checked in, i strolled over to the bar and was immediately accosted by a sparkle of a sprite in most excellent boots. all i heard was KAREY MACKIN INK! I LOVE YOU! she hooked her arms 'round my neck and i think we spun in a circle and my right foot might have lifted up with love.

hi erin.

{in other news, i'm seriously considering changing my name to karey m. ink. you may pronounce my new last name mink.}

kelly's over there! she pointed, knowing i'd be looking for my design crush. one glass of white later, i'd met some of my new favorites: and kathleen, amy, and capree. and, yes, i will forever in my head call her and kathleen. you should, too. also? ab chao has the cutest accent ever. one that makes you want to call her anna beth, all louisiana-like.

this is boring, isn't it? okay, then. i'll just tell you some of my highlights.

i love how completely naughty amy is just as much as i love how she sat in the front row of my panel with tears in her eyes for the entire hour. i told her she reminds me of my sister in all the best ways, and she teared right up again. i love how suann grabs my arm really really hard when she laughs, and you should know that she laughs all. the. time. even when the tip of her foot is stuck in the elevator doors and i'm pushing the door close buttons as hard as i can to save her.

those darn arrows always confuse me.

i love how melissa went home a day early to be with her baby, gaia miette. how alexis has a trio of chanel bracelets handed down to her by her mom. how caitlin's must've worked extra hard on her to make a girl so full of grace, it's almost unfathomable.

good moms, man. they get me every time.

there was erin's giant smile and legs that never end, paling only in comparison to her ability to make you feel like the only one in every room. jeanne's blonde mane that kind of drove me to covet. christy pretending she wanted a photo with me...while she was waiting patiently for stephanie's never-ending line to wind down. i liked giggling with that girl. i also liked not being disappointed; marta is even better than her blog, trina is honestly la la lovely, and brandi is a keeper and not at all your average ordinary.

i found friends that made me want to move to boston. pronto. paige's smile is one of the most authentic that's ever shined on me, and christine's red lipstick made me want to kiss her. plus also, there was this weird love at first sight thing going on with the three of us. so cool when that happens, isn't it?

speaking of brilliant supermodels, there's my fave kirsten. everyone knows how i despise pictures of myself {i'm way cuter in my imagination!}, but i love love love how happy i look standing next to her in this one. ages ago, joslyn was in a dwell contest, if i remember correctly, and her main competition was this chick from simply grove. it was before we met, kirsten and i, and now i regret not voting for her, too. i would've.

i'm missing a million more, from the genius kirtsy girls to...to...ohmygosh. i just totally lost focus. let me publish this one, and i'll add more when my mind unfogs.

do you really think my mind will ever unfog? ugh. that's another post altogether. catch you later, friends. all photos stolen from jamie flannigan's pinterest. i hope she doesn't mind! xoxo.


Fern and Feather said...

I love your energy... it is jumping through the screen... such an inspiring treat to have met you!!

Richie Designs said...

I'm so lame for not going. not being able to go I should say the will was there the $ not as much

pilgrim said...

currently kicking myself in the shin for not realizing who you where when i met you at alt! gah! i had a big gushy "iloveyourblogyou'resoawesome" thing to reel off at you! i'm pretty sure i sat next to you for lunch on the first day even. am i thick or what?

karey m. said...

PILGRIM! EFF! you and your little tribe were AWESOME! and yes, we did sit next to each other at lunch...i'm the one who bragged about being besties with a-m and brown button and the diversion project! all my aussie peeps.

and now you. you should've been in this recap! xoxo

the lil bee said...

I'm pouting and stomping one foot. You know why.


Paige @ Mudroom Boston said...


I love you, Mink. Move now.


megan said...

i really need to be there next year. seriously: commitment numero uno for 2012.

also, DYING over those pigs. they are so, so, so cute.

Uncle Beefy said...

Karey, Karey,

Lord knows I've been pouring through the multitude of Alt Summit updates and reports. They've all been great and have given me a good idea of what I've been missing.

But, your post? Makin' me bum right out like you cannot believe! Grrr! I was down initially when I couldn't make Alt happen for me this time 'round. But, now I'm speed-dialing a therapist to talk me out of the funk from all the fun and peeps I've obviously missed out on this year. Damn.

But, then again, in your oh-so-special way, you've just fueled the fires for getting my butt to Salt Lake next year, by golly!

You, me, some sparkle & sass... in Salt Lake 2012? Is it a date?

Mwah! :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

First of all...I hope Beefy makes it next year & me too...cause that would be just too fab! Oh, and Miss Traci French, cause she needs to be my roomie...and this post? Beautiful...who could possibly ask for more that to be remembered by YOU? No one...your way with words & your gorgeous way of seeing the sparkle in everyone. I just adore you. ( and also those little piggies in the water) ok, I'm done.

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

my mind still hasn't unfogged -- i kinda hope it doesn't. it was so nice to finally meet you in person and next year, let's plan on some tea. i'm telling melissa she needs to come along, and pretty much all the other fabulous people i know.

Kayla Poole said...

I think I'm obsessed with you. By far, best alt recap I've read. Sparkles and happiness and human spirit abound...next year, come hell or high water, I am finding my way there!

Third Avenue Style said...

Kaery, there is a link to a fabulous vintage dress on my blog - I thought of you instantly, go & have a look.


Jen said...

looks like so much fun. I LOVE that shot of the pigs!!

Amy@OldSweetSong said...

This is so cute and festive. Just like you are in real life! You translate well, my dear. XO

kathleen said...

excellent job. and i'm with jen. i love those pigs!

marta said...

you are golden. just golden. so happy to know you, for reals. xo.

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