11 January 2011

black and white...

i don't know what my deal was yesterday. i felt misty-weepy all darn day!

no huge reason; just a few petite mess-ups i made that kind of threw me off-balance. deflated me for a second or five. i tried to hit my reset button for hours, but i couldn't find it.

so i stopped writing and took grae to friendly's to buy ice cream take-away.

this detail alone should tell you about the state in which i'd landed. i am not a fan of friendly's. nothing personal. there may have been one little waiter years and years ago who was a spitter whenever he spoke...and he spoke to me a lot. a lot a lot. plus? i don't even like ice cream.

but my girlies three love ice cream and friendly's. so there we went. for take-away only. i wasn't that off my game.

so grae and i were sitting there, waiting for our friend-zees, when this little old couple walked in from the cold. she was all red coat and fluffy grey hair and he was all little cap and old man overcoat. but the looks on their faces just melted me. they looked hopefully and happily for the hostess to tell them "table for two, please." they were excited to be there. they were excited to be together.

and they were so. old. i wanted to wrap them up in a blanket and carry them back to their warm little house.

anyway. my eyes filled right up and grae started looking at me sideways, so i told her "it's just nice. they've probably loved each other for a lifetime." she knows i always cry about love.

when we came home, esmé had been watching it's a wonderful life. {i know...but, man, she's in love with clarence.} she was asking her dad if, when he was little, everything was black and white.

"yep," he answered. then he saw me and smiled that classic uncle sugar smile.

"in fact, your mommy used to be black."

not anymore. that boy. i forget it sometimes, but he's better for me than ice cream.

the first four photos that made me smile on pinterest. that site is so genius, it still hurts.


Kelly said...

your description of the lovely old couple made me tear up! i love old love.

Raleigh-Elizabeth said...

i cried. then i laughed. then i cried i was laughing so hard.

Brandi said...

all in all, sounds like a good day to me. and you don't like ice cream? then i'll make you something else, something that has your flair to it.

Richie Designs said...

I'm laughing and crying AGAIN! you're amazing

la la Lovely said...

love how you're writing... make say oh, and then awe and then laugh out loud...all in one post!

The Huntress said...

Just found your blog and I adore it!!! Your baby name post's are so clever and endearing! If I have a baby #2 I am coming to you for help.


Relyn said...

I can't quit laughing long enough to write anything here that makes sense. Love that Uncle Sugar.

Suzi said...

"..they were excited to be together" aw, aw, that's the stuff that dreams are made of.