09 December 2010

on marshmallows...

again with the marshmallows. i love them.

and after two nights of no sleep for my boiling and coughing little sugar britches esmé, she's a wreck. and by esmé, i mean me, too.

but there's nothing giant marshmallows and noodle soup can't fix, is there? and by marshmallows and noodle soup, i just mean marshmallows.

speaking of marshmallows, uncle sugar is so old-school sometimes that it hurts. every holiday, he needs needs needs a blasting set of darlene love. i now do, too.

ok. i'll be huddled next to baby attila for the rest of the day, trying to sneak in some holiday shopping in between marshmallows. have a sweet thursday! xoxo.

wreath via oh hello amy.


Brandi said...

i was just thinking of trying to make some marshmallows from scratch. wouldn't that be the ultimate yum? if i'm successful, i'll do it again for alt summit and bring some your way. (you can bet i will be there with my baking.)

susan said so said...

brandi, i've been thinking the same thing! it doesn't look hard, just a task requiring patience. the scratch marshmallows i've tasted (frrom whole foods) are nothing like the bagged puffs - they're deeee-lishus!

karey, i think i'd like bagged puffies best on a wreath like your pic - maybe i'll try that too. :)


la la Lovely said...

Oh poor little esme.. that is no fun. I hope she gets to feeling better soon...the marshmallows should do the trick.

Em-Jae said...

Mallow wreath?! MMMM!!

PS - Hope your Little feels better soon!! (You too)

Relyn said...

I have GOT to have this wreath. GOT TO!!!!!!!!!!