07 November 2010

oh, polly...

lately, it's not the young girls' inventive styles that thrill me.

anyone can take a chance.

nah. it's that long-established taste cultivated by cool women of substance that makes my mouth water. a nearly impossible self-assurance that comes only with class and age. neither of which is guaranteed. only earned, if you're lucky enough.

polly? you're eighty-six. and i'm flabbergasted. in total awe. and a little smitten.

tell me about you...is it the new or the established girls who inspire you? and i wonder what our choices say about us?

devour polly mellen's not-to-be-missed words here. i'm on my third reading. in related news, from now on i'm going to applaud genius as she's always done. do not be surprised when you see me at alt summit and think i resemble a seal. i will take that as a compliment. i would also like to be known hereafter as too noisy. that is all. xoxo.


Brandi said...

you know, i've never thought much about whose style inspires me. i tend to be more inspired by women (or men) who do good things and are confident and embrace their own personal style while doing them.

Richie Designs said...

I can't wait to read the full article. I adore her.
fearless with age and style...how we all should be, no?

becca b said...

It doesn't matter if they're new or well established that i admire, they just have to be self-assured. People always say "oh, i couldn't pull that off" referring to an article of clothing or something someone does, but if you do it i feel like you ARE pulling it off--so just do it! I love this woman's blog for just that: http://www.garancedore.fr/en/ She's gorgeous even in jeans & a t-shirt.

Simply Mel said...

McDreamy took one look at Polly and said, "she must be a swimmer" ~ that boy knows his women!