16 September 2010


my boots are coming.

awesome timing, since all the leaves in my view are yellowing. and that means that the chill is coming. i'm way more excited about my boots.

a really lovely fellow wanderer once told me that it takes a year - a full year of holidays and anniversaries and brand new firsts and distance from memories - to feel like you're home. no matter where you've landed. no matter how remote or how urban or how maddeningly in-between. even if you're in a place that was supposed to be your home in the first place. it takes a year.

she was right. it's been about a year since we moved back. a year of complete and utter angst for no reason whatsoever. i lost count of truly miserable moments at, like, seventy eleventy. but somehow? at that one year mark? i magically forgot all the transitional aches and sprains and full-on fractures. all the whining and crybaby weepies. {from me...not the girlies three. sad, i know.} a year of honestly feeling cold, no matter the weather outside.

anyway. i think i'm telling you this just in case you're having a spell. a change that's making you non-stop chilly. some sort of anything that's tripping you up. give it a year. you'll find your balance again.

full disclosure? i still miss my maid. i don't think any amount of time is going to heal that wound.

ok. i've seen this babe on a bunch of tumblrs. tracked it down on flickr. i hope she doesn't mind. her stream is killer kickass haunting.


krista said...

i want to know what it feels like to miss a maid. but i would like to stay suspended in the part where i have a maid.

A-M said...

oh i needed this post today. thank you. A-M xx

megan said...

i needed this today, too, karey. thank you. i've been feeling the chill lately -- and i'm usually very warm and it's been hard. good to know it always passes. :) xoxoxo

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Ooooohhhh....those boots! Awesome my dear! I love them & love that a year has helped you feel warmer...no matter the weather. I love that advice...truly I do & I believe that too.

Leslie said...

2010 has been a bit rough for me as well. I blame the Year of the Tiger, which represents change. Your words today are helpful.

Funny the places from which other inspiration can come. While watching "Dexter" with my husband (snuggled down in bed), I almost sat straight up when one of the characters said of another's "chilly" time "...maybe, if you know that it’s supposed to be weird and confusing, then maybe it’s a little easier to handle.” I thought 'Yes!'

The Lil Bee said...

This has been the best and hardest year of my life. I don't say that to be dramatic, it's just really difficult to balance work and family. Family will always come first, but work is a necessity. I'm bookmarking this post, because I really needed it today (as I cram in a deadline during Devon's naps), and I know I'll need it again at some point soon. You are such a sage, KMac. xo :)

Richie Designs said...

Chris just moved in with me...and even though I've been here all along it feels like I've moved myself. All sorts of changes with us and our new home together.

I'm hoping for a 3 month changer though - since I didn't officially pack any boxes;)

seesaw designs said...

haha. totally spooky!