30 April 2010

if you give a girl a kirtsy...

everyone always asks me why i love kirtsy so much. i always thought it was obvious.

pre-kirtsy, i'd found one online blogging pal. i liked her and she liked me. you've probably happened upon that perfect imaginary friend somewhere along your way, haven't you?

anyway. her name is joslyn. and when kirtsy announced her original editors ages and ages and eons ago? jos and i were both on that list.

which made the honor seem even more honor-ish than it already was.

and then i met my mary, who i soon nicknamed mary ruffle. it stuck. and so did our friendship. heck...we've even opened a creative confectionery together, which you may know as t.ruffles.

it couldn't get better than that, could it? probably not, i thought.

as always, i was flat-out wrong.

because then i met amie. yet another kirtsy editor turned friend. and to make a lovely story even lovelier, she asked if she could take some photos of my girlies three.

i agreed. and i'll tell you two things about our afternoon together...

one. it's taken me years and years and brawls and tears and confusion {which is really nothing new for me, actually.}, but i'm finally understanding that my girlies three are not lilliegraeandesmé. they are lillie kate...grae-rose...and esmé dahlia. three very separate and very different little people with very separate and very different little personalities.

it took amie about five minutes to see that. and then take pictures of it.

and two? i don't think anyone would describe amie as effusive or even gushing. she is reality-based. honest as she can be. all the time and won't let you down. plus? she has three boys who are. all. boys. but somehow...she managed to send my little girlies three smiling through a few sunny and dusty hours, all during the hot and hungry drive home, and straight-away into their house to find uncle sugar.

dad! do you even KNOW how beautiful we are? they asked in a rush, while fighting to tell him first what he'd already known all along.

soon after, amie sent us her first batch of photos. i found uncle sugar on his computer, sending them off to our families and friends.

kar, he said, with his gorgeous chocolate browns as wide as could be. do you even KNOW how beautiful they are?

i thought i did. until amie showed me through her beautiful eyes.

i never recommend anyone for anything. i rather hate being liable. but i would recommend amie as a photographer to the sun and around twice. sorry for the mess of photos of my girlies three. i originally wanted to put sixty in this post. {see? i do have restraint!} have a sweet weekend, you sweet things. xoxo.

wait. one more.

restraint, karey. restraint. xoxo.

{sigh.} no restraint. at. all.


Kelly said...

smiling. ear to ear. she captured them perfectly.


Krissy said...

oh.my.golly.gosh! they are sensational. what fantastic photos of your girls. gorgeous 1,2,3 :)

Simply Mel said...

They are beyond beautiful ~ they are SPECTACULARLY GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

oh karey, what beautiful girlies you have :) these pictures are sheer magic. love the way each of them is captured so differently yet...their sisterness is so clear :)

xoxo, em

Joslyn said...

oh man.......fantastic. they are gorgeous, amazing girlies, but of course they are, they're yours ;-)


mimi charmante said...

Stunning. Simply stunning.
Oh, to have sisters (rather than a bushel of brothers...)
lucky, lucky girls - the four of you.

Mary said...

Beautiful. Those eyes! Man they're gorgeous. And I agree with mimi charmante - how lovely that they are sisters. I'm so happy that my boys have each other too.

Jill said...

oh my goodness karey - utterly gorgeous. you and uncle sugar are going to have your hands FULL when they're older. xx

Art Wall Katie said...

What beautiful girls and what a beautiful post. I so love to read your writing.

Boston Baked Beads said...

Boy, they are cute!

Richie Designs said...

3 perfect girlies

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Oh wow...they are gorgeous and the pictures are wonderful. You must be so excited to have them (the girls and the pics).

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures & girlies!

Shayna said...

really? how is it fair to have such three beautiful girls?

Anonymous said...

oh. my. gosh.
i'm smitten. deep smit.
how do you get ANYTHING done with such bedazzlement? you must get suckered into everything. pet ponies, ice cream for breakfast, candy after teeth brushing?!? you'd have to give in to it all. i'd be zero match to those faces.
good luck with high school karey girl. i ship gin and limes.

karey m. said...

oh thanks, everyone! i'm so weirdo that i keep interchanging the pics!


and i'm not even worried about high school...lillie got ASKED OUT yesterday!

must get them out of the country. someplace chill. unpopulated, even.


TravelMom said...

Ohmygosh, Esme is such a little pixie! Adorable!

Kim in the Cove said...

love these!!! :)

la la Lovely said...

Wow... could they be any more gorgeous? So fun to see your girlies 3 and that chandelier smile! The pictures are beyond fab. Wish this Amie lived near me.
Happy weekend to you and your beauties!

peege said...

Brilliant photos, stunning girls
I miss you & miss them on the beanbags @ Readers

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

far out brussell sprout, amazing photos! those girls are gorgeous.love the trainers shot, so much!!

Brandi said...

your girlies three are so beautiful. these photos could easily be the ones that come in picture frames when you buy them. except that these are much better. and kirtsy really is awesome (when i get a change to get on there, i always follow your lovely links).

have a beautiful weekend with your gorgeous girls, karey!

krista said...

my heart.
it just exploded.
three times.
le sigh.

susan said so said...


my goodness, those girls have left me speechless.

so. very. lovely.


Sherry said...

Ohhhh, Uncle Sugar is so right. They are such beauties!

Meander said...

Absolutely amazing photographs of your girlies three!

Kristin said...

they are BEAUTIFUL! Well done, karey. Well done.

a lovely weekend to you, too. :)

The Lil Bee said...

I can't even take it, Karey! They are so beautiful, I have the chills. She captured their personalities perfectly, and yet I only know those personalities through you. I can see your smile in all three of them. Beautiful post!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh. my. Oh my. How on EARTH did I miss this?! IloveitsomuchIcanhardlytypefastenough...Where do I begin? Is it their beauty? Or the deep rivers of their personalities already shining through their gorgeous eyes so clearly? The beautiful photographs or their sweet little socks all pushed down to their ankles? The indisputable fact that esme and chooch would rock the house and now I am seeing that Lilli and Elena would be bosom friends(which Elen is always hoping to find) They share soulful brown eyes(Am I right, that that is Lillie?) ....don't EVER be sorry about sharing your beautiful girlies with us hun, it is precious. I adore them and I adore you!

Mrs.French said...

ok, trying to show some restraint here...but EEEEEEEEE! i don't mean to scream, but are you kidding me? they are gorgeous, each image more stunning than the next and each girly so gorgeous in her very own, perfect way. do you think that ms. amie could stop by my neck of the woods and capture my b in all his b-ness? oh and i am with melis here, share, share, and brag away my friend you have more than every right...xo t

Relyn said...

Your girlies three are so gorgeous. Like their Momma. I remember from the old blog posts. So, I wonder... Are we ever going to get a peak at Uncle Sugar?

Vintage Simple said...

Your girlies three are beautfiul..! And full of that somethingness that is just impossible to grasp in words. I know this is late, but I guess in a way I'm glad: happy mother's day again, dear. Those girlies three are lucky. And so are you.


Stephanie said...

Beautiful. What sweet pictures!