29 March 2010

things i learned this weekend...

i am a crap mum.

the kind of mother who is surprised by spring break. shocked by anything related to a calendar, really. but that little sucker just snuck right up behind me and pinched my bum last night as i was planning out the week. apparently, i don't need to plan out anything school-related. for. the. week.

i must, however, make some mini adventures and most excellent memories for my mini, most excellent girlies three. which means i'll be a crap blogger this week.

{and this differs from last week how, exactly? i know. i know.}

uncle sugar and i were talking about a time ages and ages ago when we went to a rodeo. this was before babies. and before i knew it, we both flew to that time. not to the rodeo...to the before babies.

what did we do? he wondered. how did we spend all our time back then? what did we do?

i had a mouthful of answers, it seemed. but none really wanted to come out, it seemed.

i like it better now? i said. which sounded more like a question than the truth. until esmé walked downstairs wearing a blonde wig and sunglasses, playing an accordion.


don't know how else to say it. but there's no question.

photos found on awkwardlyalex's flickr stream, found first on robot heart's tumblr. genius, all. catch you after this week, friends. fingers crossed that we all like it better now, yes? say yes...


Richie Designs said...

I watch a lot of tv in bed...paint my toes in the middle of the day, take naps and sometimes wonder what it is that people with kids do.

but blonde wigs and accordions seem to answer that:)

as a kid I just remember a lot of - go find something to do...go outside and play [I still don't like that one] and no you can't...whatever it was I was asking to do or buy.

how fun for the girlies that they will have non such things to say!

CMN said...

Hmmm... sounds like a fabulous week to go out to lunch EVERY DAY. And swimming. And wandering the library (because for some reason, that's just magical when you're a kid), and making cookies just to eat them all. {sigh}

I may need to declare it Spring Break around here too. Except there's not a blinkety-blank bathing suit that I want to put on. Cookies though? Cookies, we've got covered.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh yes...I like it better now, for sure! Blond wigs, accordians...that sounds about right! I guess I watched WAY to much television before...and slept WAY to late. I like it SO much better now. I understand the calendar sneaking up on you, I do. So, I hope you have lots of lovely and spontaneous adventures my dear, you & your girlies three! :)

A-M said...

Oh ya got me... right in the heart... with all of it. The crap Mum bit ... yep, I actually asked big one, "have you been doing your homework over the last 7 years?"... he's a self starter so I got a bit lax with checking. ... and 'I like it better now', I had a crap childhood so my life started when I met my love and had my babies.... oh the wig, the accordian.. I can see it now... I think it trumps the underpants worn OVER the shorts in our household. A-M xx

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Hmmm, i have to play the context card. Do i like this particular week, noooooo. (actually might need to string that out to a couple of weeks the way things are going!)

Do i like being wiser, stronger and mum to two fabulous part-feral boys, huge yes :)

have big fun girlies, Four! xoxoxo

Boston Baked Beads said...

I have a feeling you're a great mom.

Jane Flanagan said...

You are not a crap Mum! You're the best Mum!!

pen.ny said...

get outta here and go have fun!

susan said so said...

I loved it when my kiddos were little, and at home ALL the time.

Then I loved it when they were in school -I looked forward to breaks, and by the end of the breaks I always looked forward to school starting again.

Then they came very close to being grown and flying out on their own, and I didn't love that part because I knew the days of my-babies-at-home were soon to be gone forever.

Then they did grow all the way up, and fly away (but not too far) to adventures of their own, and I missed them terribly, for a time.

Then I learned to love it this way, too, with these two wonderful people I love so much, people who are kind and funny and smart and generous and who I would love even if I hadn't made them, but whom I can look at and think, there you are, baby of mine. There you are.


Brandi said...

take the time and enjoy your week with your girlies. now comes and goes so very quickly. one of the things i admire about you most, karey, is that you are a fantastic mom.

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

susan, you got me. got a tear and all.

Simply Mel said...

Pre-crumb, I went to a lot of movies, but nothing beats having my own little drama queen in her starring role of "making life better".

The Lil Bee said...

Devon is only five months and Paulie and I have had this same conversation multiple times. WHAT did we do with ourselves before she arrived? It is baffling, isn't it?!

Joslyn said...

bryan and i had the exact same conversation recently.

i like it better now too.

Kristin said...

karey! i was with my sister and her family this weekend and we started reminiscing about the summer I lived with them after graduating college. This was before I was married, before they had kids, pretty much before any real responsiblities. We said exactly the same thing, "what did we DO with ourselves"? And you know what?? We were unanimous... despite the "freedom" to come and go as we pleased, we like it better now, too. Much better.

if you can -- because i know you're busy with the girlies -- pop over to contented me tomorrow afternoon. i've got a couple new pictures of h-man and millie-mouse to show you.

enjoy your spring break. and every single minute with the girlies.

la la Lovely said...

How strange.. just had this conversation last week too..wondered what in the world did we do with all that free me time. And then I thought I didn't have me time...selfish I suppose. I love it better now. I'm a crap blogger this week...internet has been down, a munchkin that won't learn how to sleep properly and an old blind dog that has gone missing twice in the night. And next week is spring break for us...so another week of crap blogging but oh well.. I'm hoping for a few adventures too! Hope you're having a grand time!
x Trina

Mrs.French said...

i remember thinking that i would really have to make a huge effort to change when i had a baby...i was shocked by how effortless it was upon his arrival.

mr. french and i often talk about what we used to do, and the carefree fun we used to have and then b says something clever or tells me "you and daddy are my two favorite people" and i realize that the memories are nice, but the right now, with the 3 of us is so much better. loved this post dear karey. xo t

ZDub said...

What a way with words you have, Mrs. M.

krista said...

i remember the me and the him before she came. sometimes i think about it and it baffles me to think that we ever thought we couldn't love more.