22 February 2010

a peek at my desk...

if you'd like to see exactly where i sit when i write all of this nonsense, please skip over to ill seen, ill said. i am thrilled to pink that jane flanagan asked me to participate in her where we blog from series. i like her very much, you know.

and i'll be back here tomorrow to tell you about all the lovely things i learned this weekend. because i'm still wading through some architecturally stunning sentences found in january's vanity fair. right now, i'm on my third review of the article on the new large hadron collider, buried about 350 feet beneath the swiss-french border, close to geneva.

i. know.

but i seriously can't stop myself. it's an amazing collection of words. mostly all superlative, which is my most. favorite. thing. ever. like, the lhc is not merely the world's largest particle accelerator, but the largest machine ever built. it's the coldest place in the universe. and, at the center of just one of the four main experimental stations installed around its circumference - and not even the biggest of the four - is a magnet that generates a magnetic field 100,000 times as strong as earth's.

i. know.

i'm trying my best to understand the content, too. something about trying to reproduce the conditions that existed 14 billion years ago so that scientists can see the universe as it was a trillionth of a second after the big bang.

it's all too much for this blogger of very small brain, but i'm hooked. and also? while i'm reading and jotting down words that i either don't know or that i just want to see how it feels to write, with my forehead all scrunched up in major confusion, giggling at the genius of it all...i keep thinking of a joke my sister sent me a few weeks ago.

two dudes are chatting. one asks "what do you think is farther? the moon or florida?" and the other one says "duh. you can see the moon."


images found on emily abigail. i like her space. remember...you can see mine here.


Krissy said...

Your desk is so great! I loved seeing where you write :)

Brandi said...

oooh, i can help! i'm a physicist. or at least, i played one when i was an undergrad (for the second time) not too long ago. the LHC just amazes me. what it may do, the glimpses into the tiniest regions of space and back into the past...one gazes in wonder and can't help it.

(loved seeing where you blog from. it's so bright and cheery and perfectly you)

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

V.cool - love seeing where people work. The capiz shell chime is so gorge, can see why you treat it with extra special care.

Thanks so much for the kirtsy too, that rocked my round-a-bout :)


ps - super collide away - is good. reminds me of the months i spent watching the west wing over and over trying to glean and understand one extra sentance each time. not sure i'm the full quid on american politics as a result, but i did develop a serious crush on josh lyman!!

Jane Flanagan said...

Love this post. The LHC scares me a little, but possibly because I'm too stupid to understand!

A million thanks for participating in "Where we blog from". I love having you visit on Ill Seen, Ill Said!


Melissa de la Fuente said...

wow. you always amaze me & I SO wish you lived next door. so there.
ps I am from Florida and I had NO idea the moon was closer! wow. ;)

pen.ny said...

perfect monday surprise upon going to ill seen, ill said this morning. loved seeing where you blog from, colorful, cheery, perfect!

also, we totally see eye-to-eye on the coffee deal. big, strong cup of joe when blogging always!

Di Overton said...

I knew your space would be colourful. I mean what else could I expect from such a colourful lady.

la la Lovely said...

Ooh that quote ... I really love it but it scares me too. Mostly the find what you're afraid of the most and go live there bit. I've always been afraid of that :( Loved seeing your space. I can see how magic is born there!
xx Trina

Happenstance said...

Loved seeing your blog space on ill seen, ill said. Super fun and I couldn't agree with you more on the coffee thing. It's my co-pilot too. Love this post and love the joke. Thanks also for shining a little light on my post from last week. You're awesome:)

susan said so said...

Thanks for sharing your space! Made me smile, like you always do.