16 February 2010


i truly have nothing left to tell you today. i just wrote a guest post for my friend, and it used up all the words in my head.

i'm sure i've told you this before, but guest posts drain me. it's a huge responsibility, don't you think? i worry so much. it's like babysitting someone else's babe and hoping beyond all hope that you don't kill it. or worse? disappoint it.

although. i could tell you how mémé's new phrase is i'm very interetted in that. for example, she is interetted in becoming a dragon hunter. she is not interetted in going to school.

she was eating the last sugar cookie the other day, looked sideways at me looking sideways at her, and noted you're very interetted in my cookie, aren't you?

i was very interetted in that cookie.

or i could tell you how she was mooching around in bed last night. {yes. still a co-sleeper sort of parent. and still chagrined.} and i asked without thinking if she wanted to take off her pajama britches. sometimes pajamas just get in the way of sleep, right?

well. she totally dead-faced me, and asked in a half-skeevy, half-judgy, half-disdainy voice...would you like me to take off YOUR panties?

ummm. no. i am not too terribly interetted in that.

shoppe update. shoppe update. we're having a bonanza, even though mary does not like that word. if you buy two notecard sets, we'll send you an extra one to give away. or, you can keep one and give two away. or you can keep all three. we promise not to judge. xoxo.


krista said...

just so's ya know...
i have that "you'll shine tomorrow" card hanging right at eye level on the front door. sort of takes the pressure off of worrying about what might happen once i leave the house.

and the "i want to be you when i grow up" is placed right above the mirror in my baby's room. she can't see it yet, but it has to stay out of reach so that she doesn't decide to shred it. that seems to be her artistic expression of choice lately.

sarah c said...

Yesterday's T-Ruffle sounded a little bit like a Grandma I knew.

Estelle said...

This is awesome. Hands down the funniest thing I've heard in a while. Love it. Could imagine my best friends retelling this story and falling on the floor laughing. Kids can be crazy fun.

Kristin said...

hee hee... cute post. ;)

Please don't tell me about bonanzas when I am doing Joslyn's hiatus. I just might seize up right here on the spot. As an act of self-preservation, I cannot even go look at your gorgeous goodies until after april 1.


I do not like this at all.

Brandi said...

karey, your posts add so much joy and smiles to my day. i thought you'd be interetted to know that. i love that cookie exchange.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

hee hee....I am so very "interetted" in you and your cutie pie girls, you know? I adore you and yes, sometimes pj's get annoyingly in the way of sleep. :)

HannahB said...

Karey this is brilliant! your posts make me want babies, as quickly as possible!

And, um thanks for your comment! I felt a little starstruck!