04 February 2010

headeggs and hippos...

i've got such a headegg, as mémé would say.

i would add more swears. because i never get headeggs, and this one is completely shattering my vision. when i woke up this morning, i was so dizzy i smashed into one of our bedposts.

ooh. i whimpered, rubbing my hipbone.

aww. mémé to the rescue. your hippo!

she rubbed it and blew on it and murmured sweetheart words to it until my dizziness and pain eased up a bit. and then i realized she wasn't comforting me. she was talking to the little fairy i've inked. on my hippo.

esmé looked up, that little sprite, and assured me all was well.

you didn't kill her, mom.

photo found here. begging off for the rest of today. but i wanted to tell you something...i've gotten so many mails and messages about my sister, mostly from readers who weren't around for mackin ink's first year when i really talked about it. mary and i are in the middle of putting a book together full of her photos and some of my best words from my original blog. it's pretty stunning so far. but i thought it might be nice to post one of the first things i wrote about my sister's life for the girlies three. i've read it a thousand times, maybe, and every time i love it more. i'll lay it down here tomorrow if you'd like to read it. catch you later, friends. and can you tell i didn't smile once - not even once! - while writing this post? i can, too. i'll be better tomorrow. xoxo. karey m. and her headegg.


emily b. said...

feel better, lovely karey...i get headeggs that give me chills...just the worst. wishing you a quiet and beautiful day of healing :)

xo, em

Kelly said...

headeggs and bruised hippos are no fun! sending healing thoughts.


Krissy said...

oh girlie girl.... i'm looking forward to reading your post tomorrow. hope you feel better :)

Jane Flanagan said...

I've had a 2-day headegg that makes me spin and fall down. I hope yours is kinder too you!

Get well soon


Kim said...

Oh dear! Hope tomorrow is beter!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

hope the headegg gets better soon k!


Brandi said...

feel better, my dear. headeggs are never good. they make me want to curl up in bed and shut off the lights.

looking forward to your post tomorrow and a burst of smiles.

Relyn said...

You and your headegg take care. Glad the fairy is OK, too.

{lovely little things} said...

Oh I feel you, I had an awful "headegg" myself a few days ago. I wasn't especially sweet that day to my 2nd graders, but I apologized profusely by allowing extra free drawing during read aloud.

Have you ever tried acupuncture, it's helped me immensely with my migraines.

Design Mom said...

Feel better soon! The internet misses you.

Anonymous said...
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Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh, that meme....she is so darling. I am so sorry you had a horrible headegg....I could tell you weren't smiling but, I am sure you will feel better in the morning. A big hug to you my friend....but, not one so big that it would hurt your head or your hippo. :)

kathleen said...

love the photo. and meme's quick calming words. she does make me giggle.

parents arrived yest. all going well so far. dress shopping and mtg d's parents next week. just over seven months now!!

Rachel said...

I'm so excited to get to read that post again. It's the one that brought me to your blog via Kathleen. I've read it thousands of times too.

nkp said...

Karey...I want to send you an email in response to your comment today, but can't find a way to reach you. Please, if you don't mind, can you send me an email address.

Thanks ever so much-nelya