26 February 2010

dear kathleen...

my friend of very big brain and cutting-edge style is getting married. she lives outside of london. her fancy is one of the most beautiful men you'll ever see. and when he's exasperated, he says things like, "did i balls?!"

i don't know what that means, but it sounds brilliantly naughty, don't you think?

anyway. i've been trying to help kathleen as much as i can, but remember? uncle sugar and i eloped to nantucket. i wore a marilyn monroe-ish dress that blew romantically in the wind, found at j. crew years and years before they re-invented the wedding gown.

plus, at last count, i've kirtsy'd at least seven hundred and fifty-four of the most drop-dead weddings. ever. i've instructed her to begin her planning at snippet and ink. then jump over to brooklyn bride. and she is under strict orders to devote serious time to green wedding shoes. as well as thirty other sights that will surely help her decision-making process.

easy, yes?

her last two mails to me have included an expletive in the subject line. apparently, she does not have a decision-making process. at least, not one i can print here.

i wish i had more experience in these sorts of things. weddings. all i really remember about my own is standing on the edge of that island with my patrick, thinking that this was a very lovely way to spend a wednesday afternoon. and also a lifetime.

so far, i've talked kathleen into this blue, and i'm working on a sweets table and letterpressed invites. unless her fancy made a book like this when he was six. and it'd be awesome if she'd finalize my text for her save-the-date, don't you think? {shhh. mary and i are working on a t.ruffles' inspired design for her!} visit kathleen here, but only on wednesdays and fridays.


Kelly said...

LOVE. and i need this elopement story sometime. please.


kathleen said...

k, thank god for you! and i love the save-the-date text! if it weren't for you, my wedding would be part gypsy (my roots), part circus (based on that history of the circus course i took at uni), and part trying-to-be-pretty-but-really-just-an-explosion-of-poof-and-fluff. i've been doing my homework today, promise!! xxx

pen.ny said...

yes i am so with kelly, i'd like to hear about this lovely wednesday in nantucket sometime please!

you picked out a really great blue for kathleen i must say. and that book, oh that book, is so inspiring to look through. you've certainly given her some great resources and combined with your good taste (a sweets table - mmm) i'm sure her wedding will turn out extra special and sweet (literally!)

have a great weekend karey! i'm frozen down to my bones up here, it's painful actually. xox

Brandi said...

one day, i'm going to have a really hard time picking the right color blue for my very-casual backyard wedding (that's already decided as far as i'm concerned). i remember when i first started reading blogs, i had a collection of wedding ones i read daily. eventually, i realized this might scare away men (i was single at the time).
i so want to hear your story too. and kathleen's. i'm such a sucker for a story. and a t.ruffles inspired save-the-date -- you just may make my heart skip another beat.
enjoy the weekend, my dear!

Amy T Schubert said...

I've been sending my sis-in-law ALL kinds of links for her wedding planning!
Helping someone else is far easier than doing it yourself.
have a great weekend!

mrs. darling said...

when it came time to plan my wedding i promptly squealed like a stuck pig and buried my head in the sand. so, my mom and dad took over and planned the affair? all i did was design my dress. because i only wanted two things: a dress with a pink sash and mr. darling, forever.

but now that i see the sweets table...oh wow, i need one of those in my dining room. every. single. day.

Megan Walker said...

This comment has absolutely *nothing* to do with this post, so all you wedding lovers - move along, nothing to see here.......

Karey! How in heaven's name did you beat me to the punch and find out about your Hero story on my blog before I could contact you!?!?! I have scoured every inch of your blog for an e-mail or some kind of contact info so I didn't have to feel like a doofus and cut in on your lovely comments like I am now doing! (sorry everyone..... just talk amongst yourselves.....) I even considered following you on Twitter just to flag you down!

Anyway. I *love* that story. I mean truly love it. Of course I would put it with Joannie's story. It's every bit as courageous - I think even more so. And you wrote it so beautifully. What a tribute to your sister. What a gift to your daughters. It just touched me to my very core. Anyway, I just wanted you to know :)

All right everyone - you may now get back to your regularly scheduled program.

susan said so said...

Lucky Kathleen, to have you as a helper!

My wifey and I had a spontaneous ceremony in our home 10 years ago, with my daughter as officiant (ordained online). It was beautiful, and I finally understood why people sometimes cry at their own weddings. All that love...

We're as married as we can be in our state, which is to say, not at all in the eyes of the courts, but we know better.


Rachel said...

Don't you think Kathleen should add blog on Mondays to her wedding to-do list? (or every day really. But baby steps.)