14 January 2010

i need a moment...

i've a few nagging drop-deadlines plus one botched print job at which i'll be staring this morning. maybe glaring is a more accurate word.

sorry. i'm a tad disgruntled. no sleep plus a tragic nightmare that wouldn't end.

now. i'm no stranger to nightmares. and i truly require very little sleep. neither issue causes this level of disgruntled.

but last night's neverending terror was...offensive is as close as i can get.

for some reason, i was working in a nail salon. actually, i was the only one working in that salon, so maybe i owned it? ok. a glimmer of hope. but i had to give someone a full-on pedi. i will not revisit my client's hygiene standards, except to tell you that if i called her a low-rent cow, you would not disagree. and not only did she leave without paying? i had three appointments scheduled after her.


art by kate macdowell. reminded of her first here, but just spent a lovely smattering of minutes on her sight. this one's called canary, which is what my husband calls me and what my dad once called me, too. gets me every time. even when i'm feeling like this. or when i'm giving a free pedi to feet like these. ahahaha. see? this is why everyone needs a space to write to nobody-everybody. my disgruntled is long gone. in large part because of you...my imaginary friends. thanks, you. xoxo.


Krissy said...

Love these shoes... hope your day goes well my favorite imaginary friend :)

Kelly said...

eek! i'm not a fan of feet, so your pedi nightmare trumps my snails by far. that would put me in a foul mood, too!


Tobi said...

Oh Karey, I am sorry about your bad dream. Look on the bright side; you could have been waxing instead of pedi-ing

That would be a nightmare!

Relyn said...

I can not tell you how much a nightmare that would be for me. I hate it so much I can barely stand to ask someone to do my own feet. Even though I'll be paying them a large sum and a completely outrageous sum.