21 January 2010

do you know what i love about mary ruffle?

besides pretty much everything...

she loves photography. flat out loves photos and the brilliant eyes behind them. you wouldn't believe the links she shares with me while we chat during our days discussing the sweeterie and our shoppe. she's like my own personal curator, really.

i probably shouldn't get all proprietary huffy with you, should i? it's mary ruffle is available to us all.

but yesterday, she sent me a note about beth retro.

i lingered on her flickr for far too long. and finally left thinking feeling wistfully happy. wistful because i wish i could take pictures and collect them like mary does. and over-the-sun happy because she's the beauty behind t.ruffles.

by the way...t.ruffles on etsy is open again. would you like some cards? we made them just for you.

beth retro on flickr. she needs a shop, don't you think? xoxo. and p.s. I'M AT ALT RIGHT NOW! all caps. i must be giddy.


Kay* said...

what timing! two nights ago, through a series of clicks, i landed on mary ruffles page. i loved the images! but a little part of me though 'where have i heard her name mentioned before - it sounds so familiar...'

lo and behold it was here on your blog! now i must check out beth retro.


thank you for sharing.

Shannon said...

These are just dreamy! Have a blast at Alt!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

oh, yes....she needs her own shop for sure. Sigh....these make me giddy happy as well. Hope you are having a wonderful time at alt my dear!

Barchbo said...

I love Mary Ruffle!

mary said...

I love Barchbo! And kareym!! xoxo

vintage simple said...

I just popped over from Reverie. I love you all. What a group of talented ladies you are!

Thank you, dears!


Alisa said...

Love these photos!

Brandi said...

Hope you're enjoying ALT so far! (From all the capitals, it sounds like you are.) beth retro's work is beautiful -- she definitely does need a shop. and i've been loving mary's "it's mary ruffle" - just the prettiest things on there. i'm about to start my own tumblr site, thanks to all that prettiness.

krista said...

we don't celebrate valentine's day in our house. i mean, really, i love all year round.
but i just changed the rules.
last night i ordered cards from you. i'm going to give them to my man and tell him to wrap them for me and give them to me on valentine's day.
i'm nothing if not resourceful.

Sherry said...

these photos are fabulous...just turned my frown upside down.


jules @ The Diversion Project said...

OK, so i thought yesterday was amazing, with finding your post about my blog on Kirtsy...but now today i find that my blog made it onto a list of four blogs labelled as "The Next Big Thing" @ ALT....wow, ok, just wow.

i read about it over at Petit Elefant, and nearly screamed.

Can't seem to find an email link on your blog to write to you - so just wanted to get in touch somehow and say a massively big thank you!!!

Hope Alt is as fun as i imagine :)


oh, nearly forgot - beth retro needs a store like flowers need sun. she's fabulous!

Courtney said...

Such dreamy photos! Oh, and how envious I am for all those who are at ALT-- I simply found out about it too late to make it happen this year, but I have thought about it non-stop! If there is a next year (I hope there is a next year) I must be there. Enjoy your weekend!!

regardez moi said...

I just purchased Sweets for your Sweet from your Etsy shop :). I can't wait to get them in the mail. And then give one to my sweet on V-Day.

Quinn said...

Thank you so much for posting about mary and beth! Oh my goodness, they held exactly the breath of fresh air and inspiration I needed today!